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Ask my OCS some questions

Mittens: oi who you calling OC, i'm total legit, well at least on the fanon

Me: So you are an OC, do you even now what an OC is?

Mittens: umm no, but still

Pure face palms, pure: much wow mittens, much wow

Question 1

Dominick: Hey mittens has pure ever infested you by that I mean if he's used you as a host

Golden Dominick: Dominick why do you persist

mittens: yup i'm his host a lot were pretty good friends, and I don't mind him taking me over

Pure: you see me and mittens are just the best of friends!

Question 2

Animatronic Spongebob: BWAHAHAHAHHAHAA!!

Mittens: Mmm'kay den

Pure: Okay your the stuff of bad dreams

Question 3

Dillain: Why'd you bring that goop thing along? You know all he's gonna do is cause trouble... like when I had to kill you... and then kill myself... but- basically, Pure is bad news!

Mittens: Well me and Pure are friends, is there something wrong with me having friends?

Pure: Well I can see your as pleasant as ever....

Dillain: No, that's not the problem, the problem is that Pure over here just LOVES to take over anyone he finds, which can be classified as assault!

Pure shape-shifts into dillain, Pure:Blah blah bla blah

Question 4

Catzy: Have you two seen Dominick anywhere I've been looking for him?

Mittens: They were here a while ago, I think?

Pure: Yup.

Dominick:OH SHI*dominick runs away*

Question 5

Meredith: You're not looking for a new host, are you Pure?

Pure: Oh my god, I hate being a pure...... Anything anyone says about you is, Do you need a new host why should you care, and no, no i am not....... Why can't some on understand...... i don't want to take people over .......Takaya wants me to.......

Meredith: Sorry....I just wanted to seem nice, and I wouldn't mind you controlling me....Could you, try and take me for a second....

Pure: wha- what, are you flirting with me?! No- no one ASKS to be infected by me......

Meredith:, what do you think

Pure's face turns from black to a dark red, pure: Uhh we- well sure......

Mittens gets a syringe and sucks pure up, she injects him into meridith. Mittens: there ya go.

Meredith: Ooooo....Tingly....This feels nice!...

Pure: K mittens ge- get m- me out!

Mittens: K, meredith thats disturbing.....

Mittens gets a syringe and sucks Pure out

Question 6

Charlotte: What are you saying of a new host? Me?

Pure:......Sigh...... Twass a joke.....

Question 7

Gamer Guy: Hey.... Wanna see my head come off???

Mittens: Do you want me to infect you with pure???

Pure: MITTENS!!.....don't say stuff like that.....

Gamer Guy: *takes head off* look at all the red water (jk there's no blood XD)

mittens: Well that's a neat party trick......

pure: indeed.

Question 8

Animatronic Squidward: Eeeeegh..........h.....heeeeelp......

Mittens: Kay den your messed up.

Pure: I agree.

Question 9

Mr. Handy: you know the joy of creation?

Mittens: Yea I do enjoy making hing

Pure: Mittens.... I don't think that's what he meant.....

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