You either never thought this would come or never really cared, but here is Ask Mr. Handy.

Question 1

Endoman: Join me in my conquest, and we shall teach them the joy of creation!

Mr. Handy: Gladly.....heh heh....

Question 2

Katt: *Knocks 5 times* Do you wanna build a snowman?

Mr. Handy: I'd much rather gouge out the eyeballs of a real man, thank you...

Question 3

Charlotte: I wonder what if you have many arms? Oh wait, Miko-san is coming. Gonna go.

Mr. Handy: Why did you have to say "San?" What is the purpose of that suffix?

Question 4

The Chef: You seem like the kind of guy who'd like a night guard pizza. Am I wrong?

Mr. Handy: No, I'd prefer nothing as I am an animatronic character whom is unable to eat.

The Chef: To be fair, there's a number of things that seperate us from regular animatronics...Is it crazy that taste can be one?

Mr. Handy: While that may be so, I am endoskeleton and no costume. Where would the food go, might I ask?

The Chef: O-o your problem, not mine....

Question 5

Coggia the Cyborg Kitten: Mr. Handy! Can you help me kill the night guard?

Mr. Handy: Gladly.

Coggia: Thanks! My wrench won't to much to him, so I appreciate the help.

Question 6

Imdec: Can I come in your room?

Mr. Handy: Why, why must you enter my domain?

Question 7

Holly: Erm... Who are your enemies?

Mr. Handy: You and Lindsay.

Question 8

Lindsay: We should get along....we both enjoy murder...

Mr. Handy: Perhaps you're correct....or perhaps this is a TRICK!! *pins down Lindsay* DO YOU THINK I'M AN IMBECILE?!

Lindsay: Of course not. I respect you....Let me go, and so many we will slay..

Mr. Handy: Hm...*lets go*

Lindsay: See? *holds out hand* I trust just need to trust me.

Mr. Handy: Hm...*holds out one of his hands and shakes Lindsay's hand*

Lindsay: This is the beginning of a gory partnership.....

Mr. Handy: Muhahaha....

Question 9

Merle Chanter: You creepy. You very, very, VERY creepy. But if you ever need humans to slay, you know where to find me.

Mr. Handy: Oh, of course.

Question 10

Xenon:Do you want to help me by slaying the weak,evil enemies by roasting them and feeding them to our beautiful kids...............................Our nice beautiful kids.......HEHEHEHEHE...........................Also can friends........You get to kill more and faster in a group.

Mr. Handy: What children are you speaking of? talking about the kids at the resteraunt.The'll never know.....what do you say friend?

Mr. Handy: Hm....fine.

Oh...yeaaaaaaaaaa....*robotic laughter*Haahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahaahahahhaahhahaahahahahhahahahaah.......ok thanks.

Question 11

Fly: Sir, Everytime when Mikoto sees your arms. She told me that your arms made her think of General Grievous. No comment. I had no idea what is wrong with her. But what do you think?

Mr. Handy: I think she's a complete IMBECILE!!

Meredith: No big surprise there...

Question 12

Smash(From Mash and Smash): How about we can teach everyone in the world the joy of creation AND the feeling of pain...?( His quote is: You will know the feeling of pain)

Mr. Handy: I can do the Joy of Creation, but not the Feeling of Pain.

Question 13

Springfield: What's the joy of creation?

Mr. Handy: I cannot explain its greatness in this small box.

Q 14

Withered Jack 2.0 (Golden Toy Foxy 2.0): Can you teach me the Joy of Creation? I've always wanted to know what that is.

Mr. Handy: Gladly. [violently tears Golden Toy Foxy 2.0 apart]

Randim Guy: Shouldn't the joy of creatipn be...creating things?

WJ: So, are you going to shove me in a suit, too, Arm-ada?

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