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Yeah ask or dare Aleck Brovoski you can dare him so yeah have fun doing that

Aleck:I hate you dman

Oi stahp ok but for dares don't do bad things like sexual stuff (hugging = ok) so yeah have fun

Aleck:you monster

Question/Dare 1

Withered Jack 2.0 (Golden Toy Foxy 2.0): I dare you to say all of Mega-Mind's quotes from his movie. While eating spicy tacos.

Aleck:umm sorry I didn't watch dat so something else *chains Dominick to a pole and teleports everyone into a court and aleck then turns on caramelldansen and kicks Dominick in sync with the music and also puts on a Levi wig*


Dare 2

Springfield: Dare you to play Mario Kart 8 against me. Loser drinks toilet water. And don't worry - I have a Wii U and the game right here! *holds up game triumphantly*

Aleck:BRING IT *aleck picks luigi* *balloon fight* **loses* Down the hatch *puts chlorophorm into the water so he won't taste it* *gulps it and passes out*

Dare 3

McKayla: Dare you to tell Lindsay she's an idiot. While doing ballet. And having someone shoot peanuts at you. Oh, and as an extra challenge, do the whole thing after eating red hot chili peppers.

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