Ever wanted to inquire Samuel? Ever had a questions you just had to ask Mark? We'll look no further! Here, you can ask the entire crew of PvzFanatic! This includes:

So go ahead and ask them!


Question 1

Lindsay: So...SpongeBob...I used to love you...

Spongebob: Well don't you still? If I scared you, I'm sorry! Let's go Jellyfishing!

Lindsay: *eyes brighten* REALLY? I'D LOVE TOO! Or....we can gouge out a guard's eyes....Your pick. :3

Spongebob: Gouging out a guard's eyes seems fun....let's do it!

Samuel: Please don't choose me please don't choose me please don't choose me....

Lindsay: Lets do it on Alex! (The night guard from Five Nights At The Inventory)

Spongebob: YAAAY!! [Thats actually quite the coincidence, the guard in FNASB1 is Alex Mathine)

Question 2

Melissa Malone: Need any help with the night guard job, John? I worked at that place before...heh, nothing could've killed me....*gulp* except the Inventory...

John Schmo: Um, sure! I could always use an extra hand!

Mr. Handy: How about 27?

John Schmo: How about no?

Melissa: Don't panic. I'm here to help.

Mr. Handy: Oh, yes, Melissa....would you like me to kill you again?

Melissa: *sigh* Everyone does...go ahead.

Question 3

Hatchet: D-d-do you think i-i-i'm a ripof-f-f of Spr-i-ingtra-p-p Mister H-h-andy?

Mr. Handy: Yes, yes I do.

Hatchet: At le-least you didn't su-sugar co-co-coat it...

Mr. Handy: It is literally impossible for me to try to sound nice. And when I say literally, I mean literally.

Hatchet: Ah.

Q 4

Boxy the Present Box: Do you like...WAFFLES?!?!?!?!

Mr. Handy: They're good.

Saye: I prefer Pancakes.

Blobsponge: Add syrup and butter and bacon and sausage and eggs and pancakes and they're great!

Seymour: They're my FAVORITE breakfast!

Mark: Not that much...

Samuel: I could eat them, but I like eggs better.

Dead Foxy: Uh...yeah, I like them...

Q 5


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