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This is A short show where other animatronics ask Roar The Lion questions,Any thing and everything you want to know!

Question 1.

Mr. Handy: *covered in blood* He was taught....the joy of creation....*looks at Roar*

Roar: Um.....i know other types of joy..*He stares at him in a kind of "WHAT" way*

Question 2.

Fozie Fazbear: So you're a lion, huh? Are you good at fighting?

Roar:Well,i don't know. I never really got to fight.

Fozie: I'll train you! You'll move mountains, man!

Roar:I don't think ill put that training into any use...

Fozie: If I ever got that fight club rolling, you would...oh well.

Question 3.

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