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Herro! So everyone else has made ask pages, so Rose and Violet have decided to try it out!

Rose: Remember, nothing smexual.

Violet: Uh-Uh.

Rose: NOW! Let's get ready to rumbllllllllle!

Question 1

Holly: What should I do to get the Annihilation off of every pacifist beings' back?

Violet: I dunno!

Rose: I have no idea. But, since I am part of the Cutting Crew now, I guess I will try to protect you and your friends.

Question 2

Hannah: Uhh...Hi....I'm not usually around people, so, I figured I'd talk *static* to you...Can we be friends?

Rose: Umm... Sure, just please don't kill me.

Violet: Friend! Hug!

Hannah: *hugs them both* Thank you....

Question 3

Springfield: *sweating* Uh-um, hey guys! Quick, take this thing! *thrusts a gold medallion into Rose's hands*

Rose: Ew... The medal is covered in sweat!

Violet: Shiny!

Question 4

The Voice in the Darkness (from Lost Suit RP): Do you believe in thy "thing" hope? I don't. I hope you don't.

Rose: Umm? ¿Que?

Violet: geegatojeejiepopoloe!

Question 5

Emy: Can you guys take care of ME for an hour? I gotta go do something really quick.

ME: *just hangs on the ceiling* Hi.

Rose: Ok sure.

Violet: Fwiend!

One hour later

Rose: Everything hurts. I am in pain.

Violet: Makeshift rollertoaster!

Emy: *comes back* So how was it?

ME: Could have done better. But still, you guys are awesome! *hugs everyone with her arms/legs*

Emy: Again! Not so tight!

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