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Note: You can actually ask more than once. But not with the same character in a row.

She's new. You probably wanna know about her.

Sapella: Please! One at a time! Ask away!

Question 1

Fairy: What's your favorite things to do?

Sapella: Me? Being the usual happy-go I always am!

Question 2

Mr. Handy: My quest is to teach the living....the joy of creation....

Sapella: ...I'll pass.

Question 3

John Schmo: Uh....*puts on Freddy Mask* I'm one of you, don't question me!!

Sapella: Don't worry about it man! I'm not pure scare! Besides, why would I when I was once like you? *points to her human leg*

Question 4

Charlotte: *puts her glasses on, lenses begin to glow* Do you like my shiny glasses?

Sapella: Shiny or dull, it depends if you like them. But if you're asking, they fit nicely!

Question 5

Mad Jack: You like burning things?


Sapella: I am not into destruction. No.

Mad Jack: Awwwww....none of you are any fun.....

Dominick:hey jack wanna kill something or light it on fire *dominick pulls a knife and a lighter out* which one

Question 6

Stella: I have a question. *puts on mask* Do you like my mask?

Sapella: I'll say it again, shiny or dull, it depends if you like them. But if you're asking, they fit nicely!

Question 7

Ivan the Iguana: sooooooo, why cant you run on camera, exactly?

Sapella: We're all different, aren't we? Besides! Just because Foxy does it doesn't mean I have to!

Ivan: Hey, I can run on camera to! *flails arms while running away*

Question 8

Merle: Ehhh...I'd try to sell you something, but I'm trying to make friends outside my clients...So, wanna be my friend? 20% discout!...wait....DANGIT!

Sapella: *laughing* Someone just got their tongue tied!

Merle: Oh, hardy har'll regret that when you need a kidney! Nah, i'm just kidding....I like you. :)

Sapella: *stops laughing* Oh.. OK... That was just so funny...You're awesome too :)

Question 9

Mark: Why, hello....I am Mark....what would your name be?...

Sapella: The name's Sapella. But seriously, why would you ask?

Question 10

Springfield: Think we might be good friends? Our names both start with S.

Sapella: No offence or anything, no. I am aware you want to be friends, but I already have enough problems.... *points to her own left arm which has a big line of blood on it*

Question 11

Chicko:(hoarsely)We live in a pointless world.Wouldn't you agree?

Sapella: *slaps Chicko with pizza* But that's because you've got the puppet with you!

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