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Serena's one of my newest characters, so ask her anything! She's also Holly's mom.

Serena: All of these are true yes! Ask away!


Question 1

Milo: You're Opionon On Max The Loin?

Serena: I... HATE HIM! He hates my child!

Question 2:

Lindsay: I like your daughter...what do you think of me and my crew?

Serena: You guys are fine! Since you've fixed my daughter when she got beaten up by Mr. Handy, I'd say you guys are great!

Lindsay: Thanks! We'll keep that-

.*Jack blows a hole in the wall*

Jack: Wait....this isntt the center of the earth....

Question 3

Mr. Handy: I will kill you....I WILL KILL YOU....YOU WILL KNOW HE JOY OF CREATION....

Serena: Umm, why are you doing this? Also, WHY DID YOU NEARLY DEMOLISH MY DAUGHTER?!?!?

Mr. Handy: Because my quest is to teach all who oppose me the joy of're next...

Lyra: I'LL KILL YOU! *grabs Mr. Handy and then drops him near an EMP factory*

Dominick:let me handle this *looks at handy and shoves a EMP into his mouth and walks away like a badass he also teleports away*CANT TOUCH THIS

Question 4

Kurumi: What things would you like to do?

Serena: Anything but killing anyone.

Question 5

Ricky: It's great to meet another non-hostile animatronic, isn't it?

Serena: Yea it is! In fact, it's great!

Meredith: You don't want to date this joker. Just saying.....wait that's Toy Ricky I'm thinking of.....

Ricky: *Blushes* Tha- that's not where I was going with this at all!

Serena: Wha? *facepalms self*

Meredith:'re not....oooooh...

Lindsay: Great. Our reputation is ruined.

Question 6

Endoman: Explain your non-hostility. EXPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIN!

Serena: Umm, one, I was programmed like that, two, the personality chip I got had non-hostility as one of it's traits, so... Yea. Also, have you seen my daughter Holly? I can't find her anywhere...

Endoman: I should know... I helped Handy destroy her once.

Question 7:

Merle Chanter: I have a very pretty dress on sale! It's a nice long black dress, barely used! Only $20 dollars; would you like it?

Serena: Ok! *buys it*

Merle: A fine choice...


Merle: Oh crap. Gotta run!

Question 8:

Dominick:look at mah horse mah horse is amazing *points to his horse*

Serena: ... Okay?

Question 9:

Springfield: Do you know why your daughter has a dual personality? Nice one day, mean the next?

Serena: She has multiple personality disorder.

Question 10

Golden Toy Foxy: Do you know how to get out of this box? I've been stuck in here for a week! Please help me!!!

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