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(Creditos to MC Kid.) Ask questions to the mighty Spam.

(Prerecorded message) "Hello who may come, here you may ask me questions, which I will answer at the best of my ability!"



Question #1

Milo: Why do you like masks?

Spam: There are many reasons for my likings! A big one is that they show much personality and art, which drives me to collect as much as I can. Hehehehehee.

Question #2

Toy Ricky: Would my own or Toy Chica's beak count as a make since it's removeable?

Spam: Nah, it's more like a gas mask... wait a minute.

Question #3

Stella the Coyote: If I gave you my mask as a present, how would you react?

Spam: I would be happy! You better give it now, seeing you're in the other me's hitlist!

Stella the Coyote: Erm, ok. *gives mask*

Question #4

Mr. Handy: They will know the joy of creating....they will know.....YOU will know....the joy of creation....


Question #5

Elijah: Can you give my Mom her mask back?

Spam: Umm, what are you talking about? I don't have it. (Is wearing Stella's mask.)

Question #6

Kurumi: So, I'm wondering if you had Evelyn's mask. Where did you keep masks from being stolen by others who see it? Mikoto just a found a Clown Mask from nowhere. But she didn't want let anyone knows about it. She claimed it to be hers.

Spam: Hehe... I don't care if it came into their possession, but I won't take it from them. That's more like the other me. Also, I do have Evellyn's mask.

Question #7

Max the Lion: Who are your friends, and who are your enemies?

Spam: Everyone's my friend- *eyes turn glazed and red* -and everyone's my enemy.

Question #8

Mad Jack: Hi Spam! I heard you like my I got you one just like mine! Wonderful, isntt it?!

Spam: Thanks! I will cherish it forever!

Question #9

Charlotte: I don't think you like my scary shiny glasses. Do you like them?

Spam: Maybeeeeeeeeeee. They're shiny, afterall. 

Question #10

Haruki: What's our plan today?

Spam: I dunno. Wanna see if any kid named Alex comes today?

Haruki: What? I've never heard of a kid named Alex. Does that mean he's the one trying to destroy us?

Question #11

Springfield: How did you get your first mask?

Spam: I got it from a... uh... certain wolf. I wouldn't steal anything. Please stop asking questions.

Question 12

King Freddy: Spam, would you mind telling me what your opinion is on your Toy remodel? I hear he's a rather decent jester...

Spam: He is a nice guy! Why are you here!

Q 3

Withered Jack 2.0 (Golden Toy Foxy 2.0): Can you take this? (Hands him the topper half of his head)

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