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Theres alot of these, and it is getting popular on this wiki, so, why not make one of my own.. so, ask my newest actual OC, Spring, a question, just no gross stuff.

Spring: Derp.

Put Questions Below!

Question 1

Springfield: Why did you copy off my name?

Spring: I'm a wiki-traveller, in english, that means a person who travels from wiki to wiki, I just simply was brought here, I never did copy off your name, Maybe I existed before you.. who knows.

Question 2

SpringTrap: What she said.

Spring: Nawww.

Question 3

GTF: Iz you evail?

Spring: Most of the time, yes.. barely any of enderspring's OC's (that don't have pages yet.. GET TO WORK LAZY POTATO!) are actually on the good side.. atleast present me is.

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