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FINALLY! I meant to do this AGES ago! Yes, we are finally doing Ask Springfield! Questions, questions, questions! Ask them all!

Springfield: Time to ask, folks!

Question 1

G.T. Foxy: Whaddya think 'bout Aidan's song: Two Springs? LOL, the comment section made me laugh so hard...*giggles*

Springfield: *blushes* Um...I...Um...Well...Next question!

GTF: (Wondering what just happened) Oh, well. Goodbye!

Question 2

Unknown character: Want to be friends? Sorry to ask out of the blue, it's just.. I'm all alone...

Springfield: Sure! Anyone can be my friend!

Question 3

Merle: Merchandise?

Springfield: What exactly does that mean?

Question 4

Violet: um... Um... Gawugloobeetuf *guestures towards Golden Freddy*

Springfield: I don't know what these questions mean! Is that even a question?

Question 5

Ted E. Bear: "CREAAK" (what do you think about my new song, killin guards?)

Springfield: It sounds interesting. Never seen it before, though.

Question 6

Holly: Help me! *points to Harry and some of the TAN's members behind her*

Springfield: *loads potato launcher* Leave Holly alone!

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