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I remember these from quite a while ago, so I decided to make one for my (In my opinion) most fleshed out character, Toy Ricky!

Toy Ricky: Indeed

Now ask away!

Question 1

Amy the Axolotl: JISKSMFISISKSKFMDDDV!?! (Who am I talking to?)

Toy Ricky: Toy Ricky, Richard Rooster, Ricky the Second, whichever you'd like to adress me as

Question 2

Charlotte The Cat: *Distorted meowing noises* W-what k-k-k-kind of things d-do y-y-you l-l-like?

Toy Ricky: I love fighting, the thrill of it makes me happy! I also love to make sure that no lady, no matter what she looks like or sounds like, will be protected! *Winks*

Question 3

Bungale: What's better, disabling cameras, or attacking the guard?

Toy Ricky: Obviously, attacking the guard. Disabling the cameras takes no skill at all!

Question 4

Bungale: I understand why you'd attack the guard. But how would you do it?

Toy Ricky: Stealth, Patience and a lot of jumping.

Question 5

Blue: Are you the greatest rooster animatronic?

Toy Ricky: I believe there is only two rooster animatronics, so yes, I am obviously the best.

Question 6

Gamer Guy: Hey, Hey Ricky, Ricky, Hey, Hey Ricky, Hey, Hey, Hey Ricky HEY!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHHHHAHA

Toy Ricky: Greetings sir, would you like me to call in a mechanic?

Question 7

Elijah: :Sigh: Freddy broke my arm AGAIN! Can you fix it since I have heard you have mechanic skills?

Toy Ricky: Fine, let me have a look at it...

Question 8

Holly: Are there any animatronics or humans that annoy you?

Toy Ricky: Yes, my original counterpart, Ricky Rooster... though I'm okay with everyone else.

Question 9

Snaily: Hey, Ricky! What's going on?

Toy Ricky: Not much really, it gets boring here after hours but before the night guard's shift...

Question 10

Miku: Someone told me u liek Mudkips. Is that true?

Toy Ricky: I suppose you could say I'm a fan of the mudkips...

Question 11

Risa: To be honest, it sounded like you have some sort of "feelings" for me. Could you explain a bit?

Toy Ricky:Ma'am, you could say I have feelings for EVERY woman

Mittens: It's funny, cause' its true.

Toy Ricky: Well, maybe except this one...

Question 12

Golden Toy Foxy: What do you think 'bout the Purple Guy? I think he's weird, but he created Captain...

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