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Ask questions to things that might not be in Xenon's page or any other questions that deals with him.So enjoy.

Question 1

Sapella: Hey there, wanna go attack 'the' guard? *points to the left door being open*


Question 2

Dominick: GET UP GET UP GET UP *Dominick starts bashing the night guards head into the ground*WHERES YOUR GOD NOW *Dominick laughs maniacally and starts bashing the night guards head harder getting brains on his boot*

Xenon:Is this even a question?...whatever *kills night guard*.

Question 3

Ivan the Iguana: what's your favorite thing to do? (besides killing night guard.)

Xenon:eating the flesh of my victim over a low flame next to stiletto the cat.

Question 4

Springfield: Xenon, who's stuffed into your suit?

Xenon:Thats a good question...I kinda stuff my self in order to escape prison

Question 5

Proto:what tricks do you do?

Xenon:Well i do--

Odd cheese:Hey!!!!Proto what are you doing here?! leave!

Proto:fine...Cheddar reject.

Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10

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