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Hello, everyone! This is where you can ask/dare my OC's! Let's meet the ones so far!

Celeste - A humanoid that doesn't dip into the uncanny valley. Kinda cartoony in general, but that's beside the point! She gets a mermaid tail while underwater, and does mermaid shows for the kids. Shy and thoughtful, she thinks about what she says before she says it.

Calista - Like Celeste, she's cartoony in appearance. Unlike Celeste, she's hot-headed and says the first thing that comes into her mind about what she should say. She's also a martial artist and can control fire. Maybe the fire makes her hot-headed?

Mary Sue - Ah...well...her personality shifts depending on how she feels that day. She likes doing unexpected stuff and can pick up anything easily.

Hmm...I feel like I'm forgetting someone... Ah well, whatever! Ask/dare away!

Question/Dare #1

What are all of you?

Celeste: ...Ah...I'm a mermaid animatronic...who can get legs on land...

Calista: I'm a human Fire Elemental.

Mary Sue: And I'm a Mary Sue! LOVE ME OR PAY THE PRICE

Question/Dare #2

Question/Dare #3

Question/Dare #4

Question/Dare #5

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