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this is for rexy :)

rexy : ask me some of your questions here... *growl* but not on the comments....

question 1

Merle Chanter: Merchandise?

rexy : sorry i don't have any....

question 2

Odd cheese:Can you draw characters because i need drawings of Xenon.

Now for an actual question.Does rexy have a lover?

rexy : i can't draw, im a dinosaur... you know dinosaurs can't draw... *growl* ... but i do have a lover, it's dilly the dilophosaur, altough she's an endoskeleton....

question 3

Ivan the Iguana asks: what do ya think of meh?

rexy : you're good.......

question 4

Xenon:Can you um......*blushes*Get me a girl friend or advice?

rexy : um.... *growl* i know dilly loves me, but i'm not good at finding girls or coming up with advice.....

question 5

Xenon:Since you are a dinosaur are you happy for Jurassic park 4?

rexy : *roars* "YEEEEEEEEEES!!!"

question 6

Xenon:I can draw dinosaurs....Can i make a Rexy picture for your page?

rexy : yes you can.... but remember my appearence... *growls* so please don't screw it up....

question 7

Xenon:So how do you like the picture?

rexy : yes, you make a great design of me, but great job! but im ok with the tiny arms... also, the "here" on my page is a link of a roblox picture of me.

question 8

Purple Guy: Are you the main attraction?

rexy : ... no.

question 9

Chuck Norris: Are you aware of who I am, and what I could do to you?

rexy : Yes. I am aware that you would sred me to pieces with your kung-fu-like moves.

question 10

Snowflake: RAWR! *smiles*

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