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Hello, you probably know me as Aaron the Armadillo, and I am here alright. Here to answer some questions, which you can ask to any one of us, Martin, Ella or yours truly! Just keep things clean, we're not big fans of dirty stuff, okay?

So time to ask some questions!

Question 1 Edit

Lindsay: So...I'm obligated to ask this. You're not going to stuff me in a suit, right? Girls gotta keep themselves alive, you know?

Aaron: No, we're not going to stuff you in a suit. I don't even go guard hunting too much.

Lindsay: Okay. Just checking...*hides in a vent*

Question 2 Edit

Dracus:hmmm hmmmm hmmmm derp :D

Holly: ...

Dracus:you remember when I gave you that crossbow I want it back i paid 100 dollars for that thing

Holly: *gives back the crossbow*

Martin: So what's the question?

Dracus:umm well that is how exactly have you not withered

Martin: We actually withered.

Aaron: But I was repaired heavily in 2013, and I repaired the others using some spare parts.

Question 3 Edit

Elijah: Aaron? Do you like any animatronic? Like, like like anyone?

Aaron: Yeah, I like Bonnie and Foxy as well as the other two in my little group. They're pretty good.

Question 4 Edit

Fazzy: *Suddenly appears out of nowhere, sparks flying off him* Am I here...? Good! So can you guys do something for me? Uh, in about 5 years, make sure Foxy and Mangle stay away from the children, okay?

Ella: Umm...okay...why?

Fazzy: Erm... I can't say... *A beeping noise is heard* Oops, gotta run! *Disappears suddenly, sparks flying from where he once was*

Martin: Well, that was unusual.

Question 5 Edit

Springfield: Anyone need any repairs? I'm ready!

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