"So the crazy thing is, they actually have three furry patches of red, and this... hoarder thing. The patches are much more dangerous than they look..." -Phone Guy, Night 2

Aurun is an animatronic weasel hoarder who has three weasels over her at random spots.


Aurun is not particularly dangerous until it hits 3AM, when her weasels emerge and wreak havoc. As they move around fast, it's best to keep an eye on Aurun the most to be ready for the weasels, and where she heads to next.


The Toy Animatronics

She hates them with a passion, and keeps trying to destroy them. However, some exceptions are made for her friends who are toys.


Aurun begins at the Game Corner, then hides around the cameras she heads to next. In order, Kid's Cove, back to Game Corner, Main Hall, Party Room 3, Party Room 4. She will then storm the Main Hall. At 3 AM, she will release her three weasels to attack the guard. The only difference with the weasels is, each one of them go in different directions. One left, one right, one above.


Aurun has a yellow shirt over her chest-hole, and a red lower-half of her. The weasels are all red-white. Ever since her appearance in future games, the designs were altered. Aurun now has a yellow-white shirt and the weasels all have different coloured "suits".


  • In the creator's whole character roster, Aurun is the first one to be in any kind of group right after being "created".
    • She is also the first in the roster to have more than 2 entities in.


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