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aussie australia is a dingo animatronic who seems scary, but has a big heart once you get to know him. he is a pacifist animatronic and a reference to guess who.

Personality Edit

aussie is a kind, loving, pacifist animatronic who is very loud and outgoing

appearance Edit

Aussie looks like a humanoid dingo with one broken ear and his tongue sticking out of his mouth. he wears blue glasses and has long black hair like ozzy osbourne.

relationships Edit

Foxy -- aussie hates foxy because of his ruthless behavior

Bonnie and Freddy -- aussie respects freddy, but feels utterly terrified of bonnie

Chica -- aussie and chica are friends with each other, but chica's disturbing facial structure initially made aussie uncomfortable

trivia Edit

Aussie was originally a kangaroo

Aussie's entire body is based of fanart of hatchet his creator made

he was inspired by ozzy ocelot's name

Aussie Australia

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