Some attributes
First Age 12
Second Status: Gay
Third Affiliated with: Tupac Shakur, Triert
Other attributes
Fourth Stealing the sand to drown this gay-ass world
Fifth His enormous 15 inch zebra dong
NSFW-ToyChica Not Safe for Work
BEN is considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW), meaning it might contain gore, sexual themes, or other unsuitable works. Please take consideration when reading this page.


BEN is a Five Nights at Freddy's fancharacter created by Sable Lynn and Joshua Shaw and some guy.

He is a sadistic sand fetishist who wants to drown the entirety of the human population because he accidentally tripped into a swimming pool on his 12th birthday.

Blessed with an enormous dong matching the prowess of a horny zebra, he can allegedly cause women to orgasm within a 50 foot radius of him by spawning his dong inside of them with the GS button.

BEN's Chronology of SWAGGGGGGGGG

BEN was one of the best characters to be introduced into the game and has remained prominent throughout all of the story arcs because his dong is so big it's in every scene.

The following is a more detailed outline expanding beyond the basic overview covering most of his pimpin' ass interactions, dong appearances, and sexy changes in the game.

  • Haunted Donger Arc
    • BEN's First Appearance
      • BEN's intial appearance is when he f*cking tripped his stupid sixth grader ass into a freshly filled kiddy pool at his 12th birthday party. Rumor has it that a purple robot on the scene was spotted laughing his f*cking ass off.
    • BEN's Last Appearance
      • Exactly 420 minutes after posting Thedong.txt, BEN uploaded a new video to the Jadusable Youtube account: mydong.wmv. It showcases BEN's amazingly large donger in extreme detail while the song "King Kong" by Jibbs blares in the background.
  • Moon Children Arc
    • BEN's First Appearance
      • BEN's first appearance in this arc was when he got so drunk he literally flew to the f*cking moon and woke up with the worst hangover ever. A major plot point in this arc was BEN using his sweet ass space LSD to get home and having many trippy adventures with his dong and fathering many children with this ugly chick he accidentally boned on the moon. The children were known as the Moon Children.
    • BEN's Last Appearance
      • The last time we heard of BEN in this arc was when he responded in Jad's Youtube account by posting an encrypted message, saying: "You're f*cking gay." There have been many theories about what this could mean by the players.
  • Ryukaki Arc
    • BEN's First Appearance
      • At 3:33 on sounds.wmv, two circular objects can be seen which, according to Ryukaki, weren`t there when he recorded it. These are thought to be BEN's glowing dong fruits.
    • BEN's Last Appearance
      • BEN was last seen getting a blowjob from some random anime girl at the Bombchu Bowling Alley in Hyrule Castle Town. It is unknown how she managed to fit his incredible monster dong into her tiny mouth. Allegedly, after this event, he fled to "the beach", which some people think may be Great Bay Coast. Nobody has any clue of his whereabouts from this point on, but rumor has it that sand has slowly been disappearing from that beach...

Photos of the Crime Scenes


Photo taken by eyewitness at the scene of BEN showing off his pimp powers.


Recent BEN sighting in Clock Town, Termina.