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Backstory is a game what contains a lot of minigames.

Minigame 1 1982-Hyper's Edit

This minigame shows that there is Hyper and five children. Game Developer confirmed that Hyper kills the children then goes and kills the "Fake" Purple Guy.

Minigame 2 1983-Fredbear's Edit

In this minigame Hyper is with Fredbear and Springbonnie. There is four children and there is fake purple guy.

Minigame 3 1986-Local Warehouse Edit

In this minigame Hyper is in a warehouse with Po(FNaTL) and PTDL-93(FNaTL).

Minigame 4 1987-Freddy's(FNaF 2) Edit

Hyper was found in the Safe Room and Toys asked him to join.

Minigame 5 2003-Freddy's(FNaF 1) Edit

Same thing except Toys are replaced with Regural ones.

Minigame 6 2033-Fazbear's Fright Edit

Hyper destroyes his old friends, kills the last child and then kills the fake purple guy.

Minigame 7 2040-Hyper's Fright Edit

Fake Purple Guy goes to visit Fake Springtrap and gets noticed by Hyper's soul.

Story End Generation to Generation, Year to Year, Century to Century, Killers into Ghosts Edit

Hyper is back normal and a lot of ghosts are trying to kill Green Guy.

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