The game, Backstory got its sequel.

1942- Frank Burts

Hyper, Kitty Fazcat and Frank Burts/Lockjaw's last day. Green Guy and Purple Guy are speaking.

1961- Beast's Diner

Beast, Hyper and Purple Dude(animatronic) are entertaning the children. Purple Guy is the night guard this time.

2001- Day for Packing

Hyper has its head unpacked. Torture Mehis attackes Green Guy and Purple Guy(NOT MURDERERS). Blue and Yellow Guy(ENTERTANERS) lifts Hyper's Head and puts it into a box.

2010- Abandoned Hyper's and Co. Diner

Hyper, Torture Uku and Torture Mehis are left to be sealed into the back room. The Exit is blocked by a arcade machine.

2015- Saving the items into the Safe Room and sealing off

Torture Uku's suit is there, Torture Mehis's and Hyper's Body can be found. There is a table and a fan on it.

2030- Discovery of the suit in the Safe Room

Old crew(Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple Guy) finds the suit and the safe room. There is a young child called Tommy in that suit and he gets crushed by the springlocks.

2040- Hyper's Horror Attration

Purple Guy works at there, a box can be found,a table with fan has been brought back, All older items from Safe Room has been also brought here.

2042- Discovery of the "secondary" safe room.

Light Blue Guy(Police Officer) finds a safe room what contains: Ancient Suit, Puppet's Box and Kitty Fazcat's Arm.

2045- Pain, Sadness, Homesick and Chase of the Animatronics

Purple Guy has been chased by animatronics and he's sad. He is crying and wants to go home. There is Lockjaw, Beast, Hybrid Uku, Kitty Fazcat, Black Dude(animatronic) and Hybrid Mehis surrounding him.

3rd February 2045 1 AM- Purple Guy's Death due to depression and pain.

Purple Guy uses the rope to kill himself, the sad look still stays there. He killed himself due of depression(his wife and his son left him) and pain(animatronics tortured him).

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