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The game where you can see some nasty things.

1987- End of Toys

Toy animatronics are going to be packed into the box by the help of Yellow and Blue Guy.

1988- New Entertament

Toy Freddy has been recoloured, Toy Chica's Eyes are pitch black and Toy Bonnie is lighter. Hyper has got blue tophat and blue bowtie. Yellow and Blue Guy are speaking.

1989-Death of the Blue Guy

Blue Guy dies in the front of the children and he is being killed by Red Guy(one who died). The Children seems to be happy?.

2055- Discovery of Dead Purple Guy's Body in his house.

Police Officer(Light Blue Guy) commands Helper(Multi Coloured FNaF 3 Purple Guy) to remove the rope around Purple Guy's neck.

2060-Springtrap Revival with help of the Police Officer.

Police Officer pushes Purple Guy very carefully into the Springtrap suit while Jessica(Purple Guy's Wife) is watching this to happen.

2070- Death of the Yellow Guy

Jessica goes and stabs the Yellow Guy(he commanded Purple Guy to go home and "get rest").

2075- Dead Pals Again Together One More to Bury the Purple Guy

Jessica, Green Guy(Timmy's Grandfather) and Timmy are looking at the Purple Guy's Grave/Statue while Blue, Yellow, Purple Guy and Tommy are being ghosts and watching this to happen.

2076-Purple Guy's Son Commits Suicide Due to Him Losing His Father

Timmy jumps of the building and lands on the asphalt/commits suicide by jumping.

2078- 7676732594876235863298756983256982 47659

Jessica goes insane and kills everybody who she knows and then she kills herself because there is nobody who loves her.

 ????- The End

There is Purple Guy and Green Guy speaking to each other. Purple Guy: You are too late now... Green Guy: She killed herself, same goes to Timmy, he's also gone. Purple Guy: ... ... ... ... she was insane all the time. She even killed my father and ate him. THIS WAS DISGUSTING! Green Guy: I am sorry... You know she killed herself 21 years ago. I know that it is long time ago... but... Why did you commit suicide? Purple Guy: Yellow Guy commanded me to "get some rest", you know. Green Guy: You are insane. YOU WILL NEVER REMEMBER THE PAST- Purple Guy: I already knew everything. She killed the Yellow Guy, You all burried me and more and more... Green Guy: You fucking idiot. I thought this will be a fucking secret. Fuck you, m8!

Minigame fades and it goes to the title screen!

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