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This is a parody of Safe and Sound. It was created a while back and is created by ElChupacabraoftheSnow. All rights are reserved. And yes, it kinda sucks......


I could stop power

I could distract what Ol' Jeremy sees

And take you to the big office (Animatronic scream)

I could be first mate

Even if this guy is shining light

I know that you'll keep Balloon Boy

I'm Balloon Boy

I could laugh for you

You know my giggles will announce that

This office is now too vulnerable

You could be OP

Even if I am in the air vent 

I know that you'll need Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy

I'm Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy

Need Balloon Boy?

Balloon Boy

I'm Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy

I could freak him out

I can make him put on Freddy's mask

You'll still come jumping right by me

I could be scary

Even if I'm close being in air vents

I know that you'll need Balloon Boy

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