Part 1

Everyone has settled into class, ready to begin. They all talk to each other, and are cut short by Springtrap, clapping loudly to get attention. Everybody stops talking and turns to Springtrap. "Alright everybody, settle down.." He begins. "We have a new student coming in, I hope you're all ready to meet her." Everybody wonders who is the new student. The door to the classroom gets knocked three times. Springtrap smiles. "Everybody.. Introducing.. Balloon Girl!" He says, opening the door as Balloon Girl comes in. She smiles, happy to be in the class. "Hii everyone!" She says, overwhelmed by joy. Balloon Boy is wildly blushing, overwhelmed. He flops his head onto the table, blushing like mad. "Something wrong, BB?" Springtrap asks. BB doesn't respond. BG giggles. "It's no big deal, this happens like every time." She sits next to BB. BB is still blushing. Bonnie laughs. "Seems he's way too overwhelmed!" Chica slaps him on the cheek. Bonnie rubs his cheek to recover from the slap. BG smiles an agreeing smile and gives BB a small kiss on his cheek. BB faints from the kiss. "Well.. That's awkward.." Freddy says. Foxy laughs. "I like this new girl.. Nice to have ye aboard, lass!" He says. BG laughs, happy. "Happy to be here! Thanks for the welcome!"

Part 2

4 hours after Balloon Girl was welcomed into the class, and bonds between the students are improving. Toy Freddy is all alone in a hallway, leaning against a wall, sad. BG notices this and approaches him. "Are you OK?" She asks, worried. Toy Freddy looks up. "Oh. It's you." He spits in anger. "Go away." BG is surprised by Toy Freddy's mean behaviour. "No, I will not go away until I get an answer." Toy Freddy sighs. "Fine, I'm not OK, I'm left out and nobody likes me." BG is surprised yet again and sits next to him. "Aww don't worry.. It's not hard getting friends.." She says to comfort him, stroking his left cheek to help calm him. Foxy and BB peek around the corner, feeling jealous. They take a photo of it together, which alarms BG and Toy Freddy, as BB and Foxy run off laughing. "Give me a moment.." Toy Freddy says, heading off to punish them. Punching sounds are heard as BB and Foxy are beaten down. BG is amazed, blushing a bit. She notices BB beaten up. "Um.. OK.. But that was a bit on the sane side.." Toy Freddy sighs. "Never mind, they got what they deserved. It's right that happens." BG nods. "Well, lets get them to Mangle; she can help." They help get BB and Foxy to Mangle. Afterwards, the day went well, as everyone left the building.

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