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Balloon Lass is a female human character who sells balloons like Balloon Boy.


Balloon Lass starts at the Backstage, and heads down the West Hall, West Hall Corner and into the blindspot. If she gets in, doors of all kinds will be disabled.


Balloon Lass is strictly timid and happy at mixed times. At day and night, practically all she does is help people. But when it comes to killing guards, she can't come with her usual behaviour and "attitude". Otherwise, she's a generally likeable, and helpful character to know.


Balloon Lass is a human with a red knit cap, a yellow headset, a green dress, a cyan-green shirt, brown tights and red sneakers. Her eyes are black, and she has a light purple coloured hair. She can also be seen holding her balloon, which is a blue balloon with a yellow cross in a plus shape, with green on all sides and in the middle.

Things she does in her spare time

Balloon Lass doesn't just sell balloons to people during the day. No way. She often finds herself with her friends, or using multiple balloons to hover around. Probably her favourite thing to do though is to hover around like mentionned earlier. However, she only does that in "desperate" needs.