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Bear The Bear is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all


Bear the Bear is an animatronic. Bear the Bear posses the qualities that an animatronic bear would have. Bear the Bear is damaged. Bear the Bear has head garment which can be attached to it using various complex methods. Bear the Bear has an object which it holds in a hand to amplify sound frequencies from it's body part which gives off sound waves by moving the lips in various motions. Bear the Bear has a two clothing object's stitched into it's chest. Bear the Bear has another garment, which is on the lowest point of the head. Bear the Bear is a color that a bear would be.


Fazbear Entertainment decided to make an animatronic. They found a real life animal to base their animatronic off of. They bought a suit. They bought a endoskeleton. They opened the suit. They put the endoskeleton in the suit. They turned the endoskeleton on for testing. They turned the endoskeleton off. They waited a few days. After a few days, they got Bear the Bear. They turned the endoskeleton on. They picked up the suit. They moved the suit. They put the suit on the show stage. They had Bear the Bear preform. It preformed. It was good. The kids were happy. Everyone cheered. It was a success. A couple years after, they closed down. Then Bear the Bear's suit was opened. They took the endoskeleton. They turned the endoskeleton off. They dismantled the endoskeleton. They threw the endoskeleton away. Then they took the suit. They then ripped the suit apart. That ends bear the bear's story.

Phone Call

In a night in a game, there is a human who's task is to send prerecorded messages to the human currently working as the night-worker in order to provide the night guard tips and tricks. This is the phone call describing Bear the Bear on a night.

"Uh.. Hello? Hello? Hello. I wanted to give you a message. There is an animatronic. It is a bear. It has various traits that show similarities to a bear. It is evil. It wants to kill you. So all you have to do is- Oh no. "Roar" "Roar" Oh no Bear the Bear don't do it. "Roar" "Roar" "Hahahaha". Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *static*."

--Phone Guy, Five Night's at an Animatronics, A Night in the game.


  • Bear the Bear is an animatronic.
  • Bear the Bear is a bear.
  • Bear the Bear is fannon.
  • Bear the Bear is evil.
  • This is a (TOTALLY NOT. (maybe) satire page, not to be taken seriously.

Credited to South Ferry