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Bearmouth is an old animatronic from Fazbear entertainment. He first appears in A Few Nights at Bearmouth.

Appearance Edit

Bearmouth is a large animatronic with a large jaw, and belly. He has a yellow top hat and bow tie, similar to Nightmare from FnaF 4, and has Unwithered Bonnie's face from this pic: along with Some buck teeth. He has six finger, which was probably a design error, and has freddy's ears.

After being scrapped, Bearmouth had lost his face, similar to Withered Bonnie, and has a large whole covering up most of his body. His left ear is missing, and his right foot is completely endoskeleton. He has endoskeleton hands, and many rips on his body.

Backstory Edit

A long time ago in an old Freddy Fazbear's pizza restaurant, The staff aaccidently aired a video of a young teenage girl getting tortured on the big screen. Not only did this cause kids to get nightmares, and parents to sue the restaurant, but this also led to Bearmouth to start acting very weirdly with the kids.

More info coming soon...

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