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Bearmouth is a large animatronic who made his original appearance in an old, scrapped game: A Few Nights at Bearmouth. He will make another debut in a future fan page.


Bearmouth is a large, indian red animatronic. His head shape is similar to Withered Bonnie's, and his jaw is similar to Nightmare Fredbear's, but without sharp teeth. He has a large white belly and snout with buck teeth, and has small eyes. He has a large body, and owns a yellow top hat and tie, similar to Nightmare in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Fred has small bear ears, and Large hands.

Bearmouth is usually seen with a small cat named Nibbles. Nibbles has a dark blue color sceme, and has a head shape similar to Foxy. He has small cat ears, and a blue snout and belly. He is very small, only being about the same size as Bearmouth's hand.






  • Bearmouth is one of the largest animatronics in the whole franchise, to the point that he is even bigger than Baby.
  • Bearmouth is possibly one of the strongest animatronics in the game. FRED and Vandal can break windows and cameras easily, but Bearmouth can break down some of the walls, and doors.
  • In a sketch, Bearmouth can be seen as a withered, and mis-formed endoskeleton.

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