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Bearspring is a nightmarish Green bear animatronic.


Bearspring is basically a green nightmare freddy, but the exposed endoskeleton in his chest is patched up and he has Black buttons on his chest. He also has 3 green freddles and spiky Feet. His claws are sharp with a lot of the endoskeleton hand showing.



Other forms

Bearspring has other forms

Bearspring is also suppose to be an animatronic version of me or as it's called; a "Persona".

Bearspring and his other variants shall be used for a Scratch Fangame called "One night at Bearspring's". When I have enough ideas and concepts for it I'll make a page on this wiki about it.
Nightmare bearspring 2.0

Nightmare Bearspring

Demonic bearspring

Demonic Bearspring

Adventure bearspring

Adventure Bearspring

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