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Becks is a light grey bat with black and dark grey markings. She has green eyes (which glow slightly). In addition, Becks has black wings with a metal spike on the tip of the wing, which is purely for aerodynamic purposes. Maybe.


Becks is an optimist, who will not stand for people being hurt. She is gullible and is vulnerable to being tricked due to the fact that she trusts anybody at all. She gets scared easily, especially when she is unable to move any part of her body. She is caring and loyal to everyone, and forgives anything as long as the person apologizes.


Late afternoon, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. A mysterious man in purple is leading a five year old girl to a room where he says he has found the girl's [dead] father. Becks went into the room, only to see a vacant room filled with spare parts and suits. The last thing she hears is the soft sound of metal cutting into flesh. The last thing she sees is the endoskeleton of a bat suit crushing her body. The last thing she feels is a deep betrayal for the man she trusted.


  • Flight: Becks can fly using her wings.
  • Cheer-up-able-powers: Becks can make almost anyone feel better.