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Since stories are so popular recently I'm making my own creepypasta but it's not creepy -Seth

The story

It was in mid 2015 where I got the day shift. There were a lot of kids in the pizzeria and new animatronics. Then I went back to my office to look at the cameras, I saw a new black suit that was delivered on the front door, the manager said that he needs a pizza to celebrate in 6:00 pm. It was 1:00 pm that time and I said to the chef about what the manager wants, I walked in the dining area and the children were so happy to see the children. But then I heard a scream, it was a little boy. I rushed to check the cameras and I looked at all cameras but the Party room 1 camera was disabled. So I rushed there and saw no body was there but saw a trail of blood leading to the kitchen. I called the manager and the security guards then rushed in with me to the kitchen and we saw the black animatronic with the dead chef. It was disgusting, a waste of human life. The FBI soon made their investigation but then the black animatronic was sitting in the kitchen with some blood. I then with the manager took of it's head and saw the dark and brutal secret. The pizzeria was shut down and I was forced to look for another job, but I will never forget what I saw.

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