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Black the dog is an antagonist in Six Nights at Freddy's, He is also active during night 1.
Black (dog)

About Edit

Black is a dog that is extremely active, although he doesn't really look threatening, Black is really aggressive. He is also similar to Foxy, when triggered he runs on the hallway and jumps at you.

Behavior Edit

Black just starts at the arcade and just sits there but when the clock strikes 2 AM, He makes his way to the mainhall and will attempt to get in either Vent 1 or 2. When he is not stopped, he his head will slightly pop up on one of the vents, as indicates that he will about to attack the player.

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally a plushie.
  • Black is the first to be active.
  • Black is based off of Foxy.
  • Although he is the first one active in Night 1, he isn't the first to jumpscare. In fact the first one to jumpscare is Teddy.

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