Blacklight Mangle

"The damage is done... But the pain has only begun..."

Original BM AKA Blacklight

Original Blacklight Mangle, AKA "Blacklight"

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Blacklight Mangle is a remodel of The Mangle, originally just a purple-and-white fox. She tended to be very goofy during the day but got harassed by the original four during the night. It finally lead to her damage and an attempted remodel, But the paint job was terrible. In an unlikely turn of events, she harasses the original four and attacks the night guard fiercely.


Blacklight Mangle, unlike the real Mangle, is purple and white with black cheeks, lipstick, claws, and paw pads. Her bow is also black. Otherwise, she looks very similar to The Mangle.

Ever since she was damaged, BM has been in hiding during the day, despite the loving support from Aaron the Armadillo and the others. She is very cruel at night, harassing Freddy and the original four.


The Chef

Blacklight Mangle always thought of The Chef as a bit of a therapist to her; whenever he was around, she always knew everything would be okay. His deactivation devastated her, forcing her into hiding.

Risa the Raccoon

Risa has tried many times to comfort Blacklight Mangle, but nothing has worked. Secretly, BM finds Risa to be like a mother to her.

Golden Foxy

Bkacklight Mangle seems to have a crush on him. She hopes to be brave enough to talk to him some day.

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