"Oh, what a day....What a lovely day, indeed!" -Blacky the Secret Agent Fox.
Blacky Maron, or simply Blacky, is a agent-for-hire that works for an agency of animatronics, Majestic Services. He appears wearing a white tuxedo with a red tie, along with black pants and shoes. He first appears in Five Nights At The FNAF Fanon Wiki, as the animatronic version of ManinBlack.


An old Balloon Boy suit, nicknamed Balloon Broken, wanted to protect animatronics and keep them safe without them knowing the danger at all. As such, he founded Majestic Services, to help prevent disasters in not just animatronic restauarnts, but wherever they can get agents to help. Blacky was created as one of the first and best agents. From stopping killings and even preventing animatronic uprisings, Blacky and the others ensure the well-being of all animatronics, humans, and others.


Blacky is very calm and suave, keeping his cool in the most dangerous of situations. Sometimes, though, he will go psycho with determination to finish a job, becoming very volitale and crazy.

Special Relations

The Chef: Working with the CC is something Majestic Services do a lot, so Blacky knows Chef very well.

Voyenanna Mashina: Voy and him work jobd together occasioanlly; one could say that they have chemistry between them.

Golden Lindsay: The two are enemies of each other, but Blacky, for whatever reason, has sympathy for him.


Blacky will occasionally attack a guard, seemingly coming from nowhere. To ward him off, use doors or, if available in-game, a Tazer. He is not fooled by the Freddy Head. His jumpscare is popping up in front of your desk, with endoskeleton eyes.


-Very heavily inspired from 007, as Blacky was the animatronic embodiment of ManinBlack, who was a huge fan of the 007 movies. In fact, many things about him are refrences, such as his suave nature, the agency he works for, his weapons, etc.

-He seems to have multiple accents; one could say its because he travels whever he is assigned, and simply got assigned to different places in the world.

-Many of the women he hooks up with in games and stories die while he is working; thus, he tries to stay single.

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