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Blangle is the principal antagonist of One <title source="name"><default>Blangle</default></title> <image source="image"/> <title source="title"><default>Blangle</default></title> <data source="firstappearance"><label>First Appearance</label></data> <data source="latestappearance"><label>Latest Appearance</label></data> <data source="creator"><label>Creator</label></data> <data source="species"><label>Species</label></data> <data source="AIlevel"><label>AI Level</label></data> <data source="status"><label>Status</label></data> <data source="location(s)"><label>Location(s)</label></data> </infobox> Night at Blank's and Friends.


He looks a lot like Mangle,but he haves different bowtie and he is slighty more destroyed than Mangle is.


He starts in Show Stage Corner,he will not move until Night 2,he will move with his mangled body and go through this Path:

S. Stage Corner -> Dining Area -> Party Room 1 (rarely)

-> Party Room 3 (through here enters to vent) -> Right Air Vent -> Peeking -> (if not sealed the vent) Office.

Alternative Path if Old Blank is already using the Right Air Vent.

Party Room 2 -> Left Air Vent -> Peeking -> (if don't seal) Office.

Gallery (only positions of him/her)

Blank 2.0 in Game Area

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