• Gingey Boi

    The Truth.

    December 14, 2017 by Gingey Boi

    Some of you guys are probably really FKN confused about what this post is...... But, due to recent events I just really needed to get this shit off my chest. For literal years at this point I have been lying to so many good people and faking my identity, my name's not evenn Tina nor am I even a woman, I'm just a random fkn little kid faking an identity....

    Back in 2013, when I was hella young I used to be a HUGE fan of this kiddie show called "Clarence" and I wanted to join the official Clarence Wiki so I could edit. However, you needed to have an account to edit so I decided to make one by hitting the "CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK" option on the Register section to make an account. I myself, don't actually have a Facebook so I just used my mother…

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  • SpringThing14

    Net Neutrality is gone

    December 14, 2017 by SpringThing14

    Oh no! It appears this text has been locked by your current internet provider.

    You can unlock this for $999.99!

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  • Downtown Freezy

    3rd Anniversary

    December 12, 2017 by Downtown Freezy

    Coming soon...

    Downtown Freezy is an exceptional user...

    And over the years...

    He and his friends...




    February 2018

    A brand new adventure on his 3rd anniversary

    Featuring three playable characters




    All new gameplay!

    Are you ready?

    Freezy Mania, coming soon

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  • Pinkyrocket

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  • FazbearFreak

    Hey everyone! Today, we'll be reviewing Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator by... Scott Cawthon? What the heck?

    Yeah, a new FNaF game has released, and I figured I should acknowledge it in some way. Note that this game won't count for any "Top 10 (something) Fan Games" lists I do in the future to keep it fair. Anyway, without any further ado, let's start the review!


    You have been hired as the newest manager of a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza establishment (huh, sound familiar?), and you  must make sure your location has top-notch entertainment, value, and more to your patrons!

    Sounds like your average everyday pizzeria sim, right? Well...

    (Here's where the spoilers come in, EVEN THOUGH I WARNED YOU ABOUT …

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  • Michael is the man

    Christmas Contest!

    December 10, 2017 by Michael is the man

    So I'm hosting a contest where you need to make a new idea for a fangame.

    The idea I like the most will be made into a page by yours truly.

    So just put your idea in the comments below!

    See ya later guys and gals!

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  • Pinkyrocket

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  • Shadowboy192

    Sorry for leaving this much time without an explanation, as an administrator it was really unresponsible of me. 

    The reason I left was because at that time I began losing interest and became kinda lazy. Later on I thought about returning but never did(didn't help that at the time when I tried to enter wikia it ended up in an error, which kept happening daily until I stopped again.)

    Now, since I started becoming active on other wikis and checking them again I decided to check this one to see how it was doing, so I decided to aswell make this blog post.

    (Also, for those who never got their character requests done, I'm sorry too, I'm pretty bad when it comes to responsibilities. I was also initially going to try a new style, but in the end I los…

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  • FazbearFreak

    FazbearFreak's Future 2

    December 10, 2017 by FazbearFreak

    Hey everyone, and welcome to F3 #2! This is the second in a bi-annual series of blog posts where I basically explain my plans for the next six months. There's a lot to talk about, so let's not waste any time!

    FN:HaS is a multiplayer horror game. Take control of a human and escape the facility, or control an animatronic with special abilites and stop the humans. With tons of animatronics, maps, and goals avaliable, there's no end to the horror!

    Projected Release: January 2018

    Grand Dad: Legend of the Badges

    Join Grand Dad, Steve, and Red on an adventure through FazbearFreak history!

    In this open-world adventure, an evil force is plauging the Freakiverse, and it's up to three heroes to save the day. Explore multiple locations from FazbearFreak ga…

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  • Germnoobking


    December 9, 2017 by Germnoobking

    First of all, whoever changed the backround to make it christmasy, you did a good job. But, winter is almost here! woooo

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  • MysteryShopper25

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  • Pinkyrocket


    December 6, 2017 by Pinkyrocket

    So, if you didn't know, Tina has been posting suicidal tweets on Twitter. We thought we might have lost her. Silence for a while. But then, my friend saw her playing the new FNAF game on Discord, which came out after she said she was gonna do it! SHES ALIV E PEOPLE!!!!!

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  • Lord Bowser

    New teaser (again)

    December 5, 2017 by Lord Bowser

    I'm giving you a mysterious teaser. It's not for Five Nights at Rex's: The Sharp Teeth, it's not for Five Nights at Rex's: The Final Countdown...

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  • XxXWitheredToyBonniexXx

    And it's FNAF 6 in disguise. Enjoy.

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  • FazbearFreak

    FNaF Ad Contest!

    December 3, 2017 by FazbearFreak

    Hey everyone! I'm pleased to announce that I am starting a new contest!

    Basically, your job is to create an advertisement for Five Nights at Freddy's. Here's some tips/rules:

    • You can base your ad off an single game, book, or the entire franchise. Heck, you could even make an ad for the FNaF movie if you wanted! The only thing you CAN'T make an ad for is the in-universe locations (Freddy Fazbear's, Circus Baby's, etc.)
    • Your ad can be either an image or video.
    • Other than that, go nuts! The sky's the limit with this one.

    The contest ends January 3rd, 2018, and the top three winners will get to be NPCs in an upcoming game of mine!

    Good luck, and have fun! :)

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  • Lord Bowser

    I explain something about my Five Nights at Rex's few characters:

    • Spring Spino = Golden Spino
    • Rexterr =/= Golden Rex
    • Rexterr =/= Spring Rex
    • Golden Rex =/= Spring Rex

    The point is, that Spring Spino (SpinoTrap) and Golden Spino are same characters, but Rexterr, Golden Rex and Spring Rex are separate.

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  • Cooldudey

    I made a new game that us actually good and is follwo community guidelines! Please check it out and give me some constructive criticism! Link: [1]

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  • SpringThing14

    Remember to leave a like and turn on post notifications thx bye

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  • Romeo Petrovina


    December 1, 2017 by Romeo Petrovina

    So... Pizza joggling Freddy? Wut is dis, Scutt?

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  • FazbearFreak

    Hey guys!

    Yep, it's time for YET ANOTHER FREAKING Q&A.

    You know the rules by this point, so ask away!

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  • FazbearFreak

    Hey guys. Today, Kane Carter finally pulled the plug on POPGOES 2. For good.

    I'm honestly kinda glad that P2 got canned, as Kane's been really stressed out about doing it. Sure, we aren't going to get a sequel to what is possibly one of the best fangames I've ever seen, but if Kane's happy, I'm happy.

    Anyway, I'm not going to let P2's cancellation slip by without a proper memorial. Today, I'm going to review 'POPGOES Arcade' by Kane Carter. And before we begin, let's get the big joke out of the way.

    Yes, this is a POPGOES promotion.

    There, I said it. Happy?

    You control Popgoes himself in a quest to save the garden.

    ...That's it.

    Sure, there are some connections to POPGOES, but they're only really elaborated on within POPGOES itself and not this g…

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  • Germnoobking


    November 27, 2017 by Germnoobking

    Guys!! Scott announced that Fnaf 6 will be made! wooop woop! There is also a new book, and the very last page has a picture of a extremely withered chica. People think that this is a teaser showing how Chica will look in the game. Scott said it'll be released in about a month or so. I thought it was cool news. Anyways bye.

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  • Downtown Freezy


    November 27, 2017 by Downtown Freezy

    its beginning to look like the end of net neutrality,

    the people have no chance anymore,

    and its been nice knowing yall,

    cause i probably wont see any of you again after this.

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  • Gingey Boi

    Hello there everyone! I just wanted to give you guys another update about what has been going on with me and my games. To be 100% honest, I'm not 100% if I'm really going to make anymore fangames.... If you haven't seen the first update, than I suggest checking it out:

    Now onto the main topic, me and my games... Now I'm going to be 100% honest, I think there's a fairly good chance I might not make anymore fangames.... I've pretty much almost completley lost interest in making these projects and I rarely even check the wiki even more these days..... I sometimes go weeks without looking at this wiki a single time.....

    I feel pretty unmotiva…

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  • DontHaveOne

    Hear me out.

    November 26, 2017 by DontHaveOne

    People who think that I am Romeo or he's me, no. We aren't the same person. Infact, Romeo's some 13 years old kiddo. I have nothing to do with Romeo, neither I am his friend. We are sworn enemies and he has the right to hate me. Now what touches Rosa, I can confirm that she isn't me. But her return, unconfirmed.

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  • Lord Bowser

    The Last Chapter will be amazing

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  • Romeo Petrovina

    Oh dear god... (18+)

    November 25, 2017 by Romeo Petrovina

    The impersonator (known as Rosa) is back. Appearantly, she is planning to impersonate Hyper (an old friend and a rival) once again. She messaged me few minutes ago, stating that she is ready to 'end this world with its lies'.


    Please someone, help me.

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  • FazbearFreak

    As we FINALLY continue our Final Nights marathon, today I'll be reviewing Final Nights 2 by JeliLiam.

    ...I got nothing else. Without any further ado, let's start the review!

    The main story depends on what you decide to do. In the minigames, you control William Afton during the days of the Missing Children Incident. However, nobody said you HAVE to kill the children, and you can spare them if you want. Sure, you have to kill them all to get the best ending, but it's up to you what you want to do, which is always nice.

    The thing you CAN'T change, however, is the main gameplay. I didn't get much from it, but it takes a back seat to the great "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type lore from the minigames.

    Once again, the gameplay is your standard FNaF f…

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  • Cooldudey

    Pizza House series news!

    November 24, 2017 by Cooldudey

    7 Nights At Pizza House coming soon! you shoudl just be paintent!

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  • FazbearFreak


    November 24, 2017 by FazbearFreak
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  • FazbearFreak

    Happy Danksgiving!

    November 23, 2017 by FazbearFreak

    I'd like to wish the community a happy Danksgiving (Thanksgiving)!

    I'm sorry I didn't get around to releasing a new Fan Game Review last night like I had hoped, but I have something coming VERY soon to make up for that.

    Well, have a good one, and I'll see you later!

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  • Germnoobking


    November 23, 2017 by Germnoobking

    Hey guys! So, I know i have bee extremely inactive lately. I love this wiki, but sometimes it can be a little stressful, so I took a break. But, ill be contributing again soon!

    Anyway, sorry.


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  • FazbearFreak

    Three forces.

    November 22, 2017 by FazbearFreak
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  • SpringThing14

    Update Thing

    November 20, 2017 by SpringThing14

    Hey guys. Yes, I am back. I know I have been a little inactive lately, but I will now be contributing more.

    I will likely release the first Frisky's 3 teaser soon. Teasers take a lot of time, so there won't be that many. When I do make them, however, they will be very detailed with a lot of effort. I may also leak some stuff in Discord at random times. This could be in the morning, noon, evening, 4:20 AM, anything like that.

    I also will likely make contests in the future, which will allow to recieve prizes and opportunities to help me with my games.

    That's all for now. Not much else other than that. I also have this thing down below. If it gets 15 votes, I will reveal a huge secret about myself that you guys don't know about.

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  • Deadinside2


    November 20, 2017 by Deadinside2

    1. Week Of Terror and it’s 6 sequels will be finished. 2. Everything else I had planned is cancelled. 3. I’ll try to be less rude ok

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  • Romeo Petrovina

    I need a phone guy/gal/Manager (the same person really xD) and a training tape guy. If anyone's interested, the rules are as following:

    RULES if participating (As the phone messager):

    Must be 15

    Must have a good microphone (I prefer studio mics)

    RULES if participating (as the training tapes):

    Must be 15

    Any microphone will do it (Still, I would prefer studio mics)

    Must sound serious all times.

    Now let me know if anyone's interested.

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  • Noah.4434

    I might do a Q&A kind of thing or something,I don't know,and there was a chance of a late halloween DLC for the original TNaB 1,it would had contain some costumes for the following characters.

    Buck would had wear a vampire costume.

    Noah,being Jason from Friday the 13th.

    Anna,being Sakura from the Ring series

    Buster and Bailey would had been combined onto the same body,with both sides of the body being their respective body colors.

    This DLC was scrapped because it was pretty dumb in my opinion,I might do a version of this for Revised 1 though.

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  • FazbearFreak

    Update (11.16.17)

    November 16, 2017 by FazbearFreak

    Welp, Fazbear Forces is finished... kinda.

    Before I get to what needs to be done, I'd like to thank everyone who's supported this project over its VERY long development period. Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for the game, as well as everyone who's left me inspiring messages. Thanks, fellas.

    Now, onto what needs to be done. Some people still haven't filled out their bios in the Characters section of the page. I won't name names, but if your name's there and there's no bio, please take some time to fill it out. You don't have to make it super-detailed, maybe a small paragraph or two would work.

    Again, thanks to everyone who's made Fazbear Forces what it is. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other affairs to attend to.

    See you at the Famil…

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  • FazbearFreak

    Hey guys! Today starts the first part of a new marathon: Three Weeks With Final Nights! Every Wendsday for the next 3 weeks, we'll be taking a look at a chapter from the popular Final Nights series. Today, we'll be looking at Final Nights 1 by JeliLiam. Please note that the version of the game I'm reviewing was the first version and not the remake. I haven't played the remake yet, and I'm not sure if Jeli cancelled it, but if it ever is finished, I'll be sure to check it out.

    Without any further ado, let's start the review!

    The story of FN1 is very simple. Having barely survived his night shift, Mike Schmidt returns home to rest. However, it quickly becomes clear that something has followed him home.

    Enter The Brother, a Puppet-like entity th…

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  • Noah.4434

    I'm going to reveal some lore about the TNAB series,such as the following

    Why was Bailey damaged in TNAB 1?

    What are the Prototypes?

    What happened to Carl and Felicity after the end of TNAB 2?

    What role does Buck have?

    Who is Karl Fritz?

    All of this,right here.

    For you see,in Ten Nights at Buck's 1,in one of the phone calls,Bailey was mentioned for slapping a kid too hard,thus resulting in her being decommissioned,after that incident,she was vandalized and had a bit of her suit torn.

    The Prototypes are basically prototype characters of the TNaB 1 cast,they were inspired by the FNaTL 3 prototypes.

    Carl and Felicity suffered a similar fate to the FNAF 2 toy animatronic's,being scrapped,their remains are seen in the TNAB 6 office,however,Carl makes a …

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  • Noah.4434

    Why was TNaB 2 delayed?

    November 13, 2017 by Noah.4434

    To tell the truth,it was delayed for several reasons:



    And other crap.

    At one point,I was considering cancelling it,but I decided against it.

    And here is a teaser for TNAB 9

    "When something burns can be reborn..."

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  • Pinkyrocket


    November 13, 2017 by Pinkyrocket


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  • Gingey Boi

    AAs most of you guys have noticed, I have been REALLY inactive recentley, I don't think I've made a single edit here in close to 2 weeks, but I just want to tell you guys that I'm back! So belive it or not, I'm not dead. This post is pretty much going to update you guys on where I have been, and what has been going on with me recentley. Also, sorry if this posts seems really fkn unorganized, I'm writing this close to 11PM and I'm not even that good of a writer in the 1st place, so I'm not really in the best state of mind. Now let's get into business:

    So, if anyone's wondering, FNaF: Scrapped Revamped is currentley on hiatus rn, the concept of the game honestly got kinda boring after a while, however it's probably still going to come out eve…

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  • Noah.4434

    I've been inactive from the wiki for a while,due to the fact my computer was broken,(yet again.) I has now returned,and I'll possibly finish TNAB 6 by December.

    And about the future of the TNAB series.

    Will there be more games?

    Well,after 9,the story basically ends,Revised is non canon,but there could be a possible 10th game,and this series isn't about killer robots,it is mainly,both a family affair,and a tragic twisted backstory behind one animatronic.

    Here is a possible release date for 2,which is now gonna be split into 3 parts.


    If your still here,click here to see me have-

    That is all for now.

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  • Pinkyrocket


    November 10, 2017 by Pinkyrocket

    Ok, so basicially, I'm back. I had a global ban on another account since August 9 because I edited pages on a wiki for a test aand forgot to revert it (Plus I kind of lost control). It was an IP ban, and even though I went back to America (I was in China for the Summer) and got different Wi-Fi, I didn't want to cheat my ban. I regret losing control and doing random stuff and I won't do it again. But anyways, it expired today! 

    SNAJ 2 is almost done (I was lazy, I was given 3 months and I only have 3 1/4 nights), Five Nights at the Home Depot is canceled (I was banned from Scratch so I can't make it), and that Springy's game has no release date yet. All other projects are not yet in progress.

    So yeah, hi everyone! I've been keeping up with th…

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  • FazbearFreak

    It's time.

    November 10, 2017 by FazbearFreak
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  • FazbearFreak

    Update (11.8.17)

    November 8, 2017 by FazbearFreak

    Ay yo, it's Fazzo.

    So, Fazbear Forces is almost complete. I plan to finish it this weekend, and release Freezy Mania shortly after that.

    Other than that, I really don't know what to do. I was going to release Family Reunion in December, but I'm not sure if I should take the holiday season off or not.

    Despite what happens next, I'm hoping 2018 will be my best year yet, with tons of new pages, adventures, and memes!

    Also, there's this:

    Welp, see ya.

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  • Germnoobking

    Fare thee well

    November 8, 2017 by Germnoobking

    Today's the day i'm off to Disney World. As I said, I'll try to edit on my ipad/phone, but I can't promise anything. Tell me if anything happens!

    - Germ, signing out.

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  • Lord Bowser

    So as you can see, I'm working on the probably last chapter of Five Nights at Rex's: The Sharp Teeth. After this, I will make Five Nights at Rex's: The Final Countdown game and... it will be the last game in the FNAR franchise. But does it mean I finished with this all? No! For now, I don't have any plans for my games and the others, after FNAR: TFC, but, for example, I could make my own version of FNAF series, as I mentioned in my Five Nights at Rex's 6 article. Time will tell... Also I will appreciate that you can advice me what title I can choose for my Chapter 4 of Five Nights at Rex's: The Sharp Teeth (more info here). Now I present you a teaser trailer for Five Nights at Rex's: The Final Countdown:

    camera, slowly coming closer, shows …

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  • FazbearFreak

    Hey guys!

    I'm starting an annual video games award show called the Freaky Awards! Each year, you'll be able to decide on the best (and worst) games of 2017! 

    Here's the link:

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