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Biography Edit

Blood Breakers are allegedly zombifed versions of different robots. When put out of order for good, some things refuse to stay down. They apparently act like regular zombies, roaming around and attacking living things, robots or humans.

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Story Edit

When different robots went out of order or (died), were destroyed for good....but not for long. Everyone's favorite paranormal robotic, B-0, has created a digital "virus" and managed to hack into the robots "dead" systems, supposedly bringing them back to life, though it is unknown how many robots have been turned to Blood Breakers.

Known Blood Breakers Edit





Toy Slicer

Toy Exi

Hybrid #01




Toy Drillbit


The Overseer

Update Edit

Isty Bitsy


Toy Sharder

Toy Bracer



Update 2 Edit

Every known robot, element, and hybrid had been turned into blood breakers.

Strong and Weak Points Edit

Every Blood Breaker has a place in their bodies that if anyone decides to attack, will do major or little damage. Unlike normal zombies, every blood breaker has a different weakspot. But there are spots where it won't do any damage and will make that blood breaker more alert and angry.

Bracer Edit

Hit: His three hearts

Don't Hit: Everywhere else

Exi Edit

Hit: Her eye

Don't Hit: Her body or her face

Drillbit Edit

Hit: Head (4x)

Don't Hit: Everywhere

Trivia Edit

They are confirmed to be deadly to humans, but not to robots as much.

It is unknown why B-0 created the "virus" to use on the robots.

It is believed that the infection is contagious.

Infected can only speak in garbled voice boxes.

It also reveals that the robots have mechanical hearts.

Bracer having three can explain his soft and brutal hearted nature.

Killing them is tough, but just use explosives for more effectiveness.

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