Sketch design of Shed

Bloodshed is a upcoming horror game spin-off of FNAF coming soon to GameJolt and IOS Devices. It focuses on some sort of maze that you have to survive without the main antagonist (Shed) getting to you. Like the original FNAF, you have to survive a selected amount of time which is an intire day. Each night you progress through leads to another maze. Instead of Five nights, it's a whole week instead plus you can walk around the maze. Bloodshed is a spin-off of FNAF but It does not take place in the same Universe.



W = Walk

A = Turn Left

D = Turn Right

S = Face backwards

SPACE = Use Flashlight

X = Look at Map (Does not show whereabouts of Player or Shed)

Main Goal

Survive each day and if you do, a door will open to the next maze, sense it takes an intire day u till it can be opened because of a glitch in the attraction's electricity. Make it through the intire week and escape the maze.


An experiment gone wrong with a child being mutated into a Monster (Shed). The Child then went on a Rampage, attempting to kill others. The Child was then shot and fell into a construction sight for an underground maze. The construction was the canceled and anyway out was blocked so the Child couldn't get out. There have been some people who have gone down into the maze to stop child and redo the mutation so the child would be back to normal but all who went down had never came back. Later an investigator (Protagaisn) agreed to go down into the maze to stop the child. The plan failed and the investigator was trapped, so now he needs to make it to the end of the maze to get out alive as it was not blocked off because the child wasn't big enough to go through anyway but any other human can. So the Protagonist is stuck there and needs to get there without the Child getting him/her.


Device/Computer Release's


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