Blossom is an animatronic bunny who spends her time helping the injured.

Blossom's first image by Foxstar


Blossom has a rosy and bright red body, with pink eyes. She's sometimes seen holding a red rose when she's upset to calm her down.


Blossom starts at the Main Hall/Dining Area. When she first moves, she heads to Party Room 3/West Hall. After that, she moves to Party Room 2/West Halll Corner, before tying at your blindspot/Right Air Vent. If she gets into your office, she will make some adjustments to your monitor. This makes you not need to use your flashlight on the cameras as you can see everything, but it draws the animatronics in faster.


Blossom, while being created, had lots of evil thoughts by the get-go. When she was finished and turned on, she was a normal killer robot like all the rest. Then one day, she spotted Freddy damaged and injured. She helped Freddy up and repaired him, and ever since she's been learning more about technology and nursing her friends.


Blossom is kind and loving ever since she helped Freddy up and repaired him. She's always happy and would risk nearly anything just for survival. Blossom treats life as some sort of god-like energy and blood. That said, she's usually the first to have a gun of any kind pointed straight on her right cheek.


Normally, Blossom treats everyone as a big, friendly family who can all get along. However, some she likes more than others, and some really annoy her to no end.


  • Freddy - Since that one day when the two met and Blossom fixed him, they've been really big friends. Some may say she'd like Toy Freddy as well, but let's face it; not everything new is the best.
  • Balloon Boy - Balloon Boy and Blossom are the usual pair of misfits that end up dooming many guards day after day. How this happens is an example of teamwork, of course. They're still doing it today!


  • Foxy - Foxy is clearly the most likeable animatronic. Foxy's problem to Blossom, he always jumpscares her no matter what. He just doesn't stop, day, night, mid day, midnight. No way.
  • Luigi - Luigi and Blossom do not get along too well, but they do find likings to each other. Blossom respects Luigi's core design, but who knows what else will come in the future.
  • Springtrap - Blossom and Springtrap are close friends, but happy rivals to the bitter end. Similar to Chica and Toy Chica who don't stop fighting, these two keep going.


  • Mangle - Mangle mistakes Blossom for the Purple Man every time, and tries to eat her. Just because of one mistake, Blossom keeps getting nightmares about it. That's cold.

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