"Fancy seeing you he-r-re"

Blueman is one of the antagonists that first appeared in One Week At Seth's.


Blueman is a blue animatronic that represents a man, he has some rip apart skins on him. He has greyish eyes and has purple pupil. His feet has some endoskeletons that is shown through his skin and has extra red liquid in it. His mouth is destroyed and withered as well.

In Five Nights at Seth's 2, he seems to be more destroyed showing more rips and wires on his body. And also shows blood on his sharp multiple teeth.


He is very aggressive towards the player, as said in Night 6, Blueman was the one who killed Phone Guy before Seth can finish him. He is very aggressive and has fast movements compared to Phonetom's speed.


  • He was the last character to be created by Seth.
  • His original name was supposed to be "the blue bot".
    • And after that was "Blue-nimatronic".
  • Blueman is the only character to have an OWAS teaser that doesn't have a text at the bottom.


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