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Boni is an animatronic clover with (for some reason) green robotic claws and legs.


Boni begins in the Male Bathroom, and heads to Party Room 4, 3, then 1. After that, he enters the right vent to try and attack the player. If not flashed once per hour, he can use his four blades to make a gust of wind which can drain power.


Boni's appearance seems like a joke. He is a green clover-like animatronic (for some reason) with red eyes. His face is yellow, and he seems to reveal his endoskeleton teeth right away. He has dark green claws and feet as well for another unknown reason.


Boni is generally seen as a stand-out 'oddball' out of all of the other animatronics, but that's what makes him unique. Being based of a four leaf clover, he can do a lot of wind-based tricks such as levitating himself into the air, if he uses enough wind to do so.


Usually, he's a 'I-can-do-it-if-you-want-to' type, but that's his best part. He has no problem getting new friends.


  • Amity - Amity and Boni quickly became friends due to both doing similar things. As Amity spends some of her time cleaning up, Boni can assist by making a gust of wind, clearing it in an instant. Mind blow? No. It's usual, get used to it.


  • His design is HEAVILY inspired by the Four Leaf Blover in Plants V.S Zombies All Stars, which the creator is a fan of. (no pun intended)



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