Bonnie Rhapsody is a parody of the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by the band Queen.

The song

Is this real life? Am I just dreaming?

Have I really been shoved into a costume?

I open my eyes. Look at my hands and seeeeeeee...

What did do wrong? Why do I suffer this?

Is this really... what I deserve? Did I sin? Did I fail?

Either way,

I guess nothing really matters, why did... this happen to me? To me?


Mommy! I am scared. I am feeling dread, I feel like I'm dead.

Help me! Ooooooh. (piano)

For eternity I cry, making others die.

Help me... Escape!

Do I deserve to die? I'm sorry but I will not return tommorrow!

I am gone. I am gone. Off the face of the Earth.


Oh no... What have I done?

Killed a man in uniform. Made him into another one.

Goodbye everyone, I once loved!

I have a new name, and new job.

Face it! I'm gone! (I'm not the same person)

I have to make others die. If I do not I am dead!

(Guitar Solo)

(Steady beat)

I have been killed by a purple man.

I can't run! I can't run! You are in danger.

Shoved into Bonnie, treated without mercy!

Save yourselves now! x4

Oh god run away. Scree-ee-ee-eech!

I have you now, do not try to fight me.

Mike: Oh gosh! Let me go! You have a chance, obviously.

Bonnie: Did you hear me? I must do this.

Mike: That's bullcrap just let me go.

Bonnie: I cannot!

Mike: That's bullcrap just let me go.

Bonnie: I cannot!

Mike: Just let me go!

Bonnie: I cannot!

Mike: Just let me go!

Bonnie: I really can can can cannot.

Mike: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you can!

Bonnie: Listen to me! Listen to me! I really can't let you go!

Bonnie: Just listen! You will be part of the family-mily-MILYYYYYYY


The law of Freddy, I cannot deny! I must do it or once again die!

Ooooooooh, Bonnie! Yes, you have died to Bonnie!

You're one of us now, you're one of us now, celebrate!

(Guitar solo AGAIN)

(Oh yeah, oh yeah.)

Sorry, family. Sorry, family.

I am a new person... Booooniiiiiiiie!

(Piano descending to silence.)

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