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Worst Nightmare(can be referred as Bonnie or The Worst Nightmare) is a character that appears in the game Freddy's Nights.


He appears as he was broken and mangled. As he looks more like Mangle but the worst. And also, he actually seems to have his suit on his legs, feet, left arm and hands while the rest is just plain endoskeleton. His ears' suit is peeling off showing more creepy look. And another two arms which is also endoskeleton except for the hands is stuck on his back.


He actually leaves The Stage one 12 am and may be seen in Backstage, Dining Area, Parts and Services, Kid's Cove and West Corner. When the left door is not closed, he might jumpscare you if you lowered the Monitor once it's up. But putting the Fazbear Head on can make him slide to the right, but if you took of the head after he doesn't seem to appear, it leads to a jumpscare.

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