This is a parody of the video Boot to the Head. Link's in the comments below!

Springtrap:As The executor for Golden Freddy's estate, I have been empowered to read his last will and testement.

Foxy:Well, get on with it! The bowling ally opens soon!

Toy Chica:(crying) Oh, poor dear Fredbear!

Toy Bonnie:Oh, it's okay Toy Chica.

Endoskeleton:Oh, lord! How predictably boring.

Chica:I never worked for the ghost man.

Springtrap:If we're all seated properly then I shall continue with the reading.

Endoskeleton:I knew it!


Springtrap:I, Fredbear, being of sound, mind and body.

Foxy:That's a laugh! (laughs)

Springtrap:Do hereby divide up my considerable state as follows to my overly emotional sister, Toy Chica

Toy Chica:(cries loudly)

Toy Bonnie:Oh, Toy Chica, darling, he's talking about us.

Toy Chica:(stops) Oh.

Springtrap:Who, grubbed with her husband Toy Bonnie, grubbed with everything they could get from me and cried crocodile tears when I needed sympathy.

Toy Chica:What?

Springtrap:To Toy Chica, I leave:A boot to the head!

Toy Chica:A WHAT?! (thud) OW!

Toy Bonnie:Toy Chica, are you okay?

Springtrap:And another boot to her wimpy husband, Toy Bonnie.

Toy Bonnie:(thud) OW!


Toy Chica:This is an outrage!

Springtrap:Uh, but still you are my sister, you've both admired my rules strip and since I no longer need it.

Toy Chica:Oh, dear Golden Freddy, He's too kind!

Springtrap:I declare:another boot to the head!

Toy Chica:WHAT?! (thud) OW!


Springtrap:And another one for the wimp!

Toy Bonnie:(thud) OW!

Springtrap:Next, my sports interested brother-

Foxy:Hey! I don't want a boot to the head!

Springtrap:To dear Foxy, who has not worked a DAY in his sportsful life!

Foxy:I'm covering my head!

Springtrap:I leave my friend's music box and a box of bowling balls.


Springtrap:And a boot to the head.

Foxy:(thud) OH!

Springtrap:And ANOTHER for Toy Chica and the wimp!

Toy Chica:(thud) OW!

Toy Bonnie:(thud) OW!

Springtrap:Next, to my know-it-all nephew the endoskeleton.

Endoskeleton:This is SO predictable!

Springtrap:I leave a boot to the head!

Endoskeleton:(thud) OW! I KNEW IT!!!!!

Springtrap:And ANOTHER for Toy Chica and the wimp

Toy Chica:(thud) OW!

Toy Bonnie:(thud) OW!

Springtrap:THIS takes care of family obligations! And now to Chica.

Chica:I don't want ANYTHING!

Springtrap:Who took care of me these MANY many years who cared, made me laugh, brought me coffee.

Chica:Oh, I didn't mind!

Springtrap:To you, i declare:a boot to the head!

Chica:(thud) OH!

Springtrap:And one for Toy Chica and the wimp!

Toy Chica:(thud) OW!

Toy Bonnie:(thud) OW!

Springtrap:And to my cat Carl, (Don't bother about it!) who's been here for my vast life, I leave a boot to the head


Springtrap:And to my lawyer and best friend who has helped me to my will, I leave NOT a boot to the head, but a rabid Tazmanian Devil in your trousers. (puts Taz in and scratches him up) ANDILEAVEMYINTIRESTEAPOFMONEYSOWECANAFFORDTOMOVESOMEWHEREDEACENT!

Toy Bonnie:I-Is that it?

Endoskeleton:Is that it?


Springtrap:There's one last thing for everyone:

Foxy:Cover your heads everybody!

Springtrap:I leave everyone a lifetime supply of ice cream.

Foxy:Ice cream?

Toy Bonnie:Ice cream?

Endoskeleton:Ice cream? That's all?

Springtrap:Yeah, that's all.

Chica:What flavor?

Springtrap:Boot to the head.

everyone:(thud) OW! (thud) OW! (thud) OW! (thud) OW! (thud) OW!


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