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Bots V.S Guards is a 2D tower defence game which involves the player taking on an offensive army of robots and animatronics to defeat the large, human and night guard army.
BVG logo

The logo, starring Bot Cannon, Door Wall, Giant Bot, Tes Laser, Oil Slick and Iron Bot.

In game currency

  • Oil is used to train your Bots and get them ready for battle.
  • Steel is used to build buildings such as the defensive turrets.


The plot has two sides, the bots and the guards. The bots want to takeover everything, and the guards want to remain in peace hapilly. However, every few levels or so, the tables are not just turned, but twisted. At this point, the game ends up messing with you and makes you play as the other team, which at this point you would have never played as them. Throughout the game, you find bases with some Animatronic owners, who are 'bosses'. When you defeat them, you can move on, and every so often, if you beat them, they might join you. Animatronics such as Toy Bonnie specialise in a certain type of base and defence. Sooner or later, near the last 10 levels of the game, the true evil, Purple Guy, reveals his plan and begins to take over the whole world. This is where the two teams join up, as you get you use both all your bots and your defence, and any animatronics you got along the way.


Name Health Image Speed Special Training Cost Player level needed
Bot 10
4 N/A 10 oil Level 1
Plated Bot 28
Plated Bot
4 His plated armour gives more health 30 oil Level 4
Iron Bot 60
Iron Bot
4 His iron armour gives him extra health 80 oil Level 8
Banner Bot 10
Banner Bot
5 Brings a whole army of all the bots you haven't used in with him 100 oil Level 9
Skater Bot 25
Skater Bot
7 Can slide up ramps and walls 60 oil Level 12
Swordsman Bot 20
Swordsman Bot
4 Deals more damage with his platinum sword 50 oil Level 14
Doctor Bot 30
Doctor Bot
7 Can heal it's ally bots 300 oil Level 18
Archer Bot 23
Archer Bot
4 Shoots from a long range at enemies 200 oil Level 23
Sorcerer Bot 35
Sorceror Bot
2 Can cast magic spells which can do random things each time 170 oil Level 27
Spirit Bot 5
Spirit Bot
10 Can go through walls, only killed by light 60 oil Level 31
Sniper Bot 38
Sniper Bot
N/A Shoots twice as far as an Archer Bot, can't move 190 oil Level 34
Bot Cannon 30
Bot Cannon
N/A Shoots out endless amounts of Iron Bots until destroyed 600 oil Level 36
Door Hammer Bot 60
Door Hammer Bot
3 Does 4X the damage on door walls 370 oil Level 39
Abductor Bot 40
Abductor Bot
N/A Steals and instantly kills anything around him after 5 seconds, can be deployed anywhere 280 oil Level 42
Jet Bot 51
Jet Bot
13 Hovers over traps and walls 320 oil Level 45
Chef Bot 30
Chef Bot
N/A Creates food to feed to allies in order to speed them up 400 oil Level 49
Suicide Bot 10
Suicide Bot
25 When an enemy touches him, he explodes, causing damage. 250 oil Level 50
Ninja Bot 16
Ninja Bot
20 Teleports through the enemy walls, deep into their back lines 600 oil Level 62
Wall-bot 70
3 Blocks all projectiles that his his shield face 780 oil Level 63
Jester Bot 34
Jester Bot
6 Reflects all projectiles nearby by hitting them 500 oil Level 64
Pirate Bot 90
Pirate Bot
2 Protects himself from all above attacks using his hook 785 oil Level 67
Officer Bot 38 6 Orders all bots to attack the same thing together 990 oil Level 70
Bandit Bot 20 8 Deals double damage to steel and oil based buildings 500 oil Level 74
Miner Bot 40 3 Digs under buildings to do damage 1000 oil Level 76
Law Bot 35 8 Uses a mini West Drill to attack the buildings 1300 oil Level 78
Flash Bot 20 5 Flashes his flashing eyes at buildings to make them in-accurate for 3 seconds 1100 oil Level 83
Horse Rider Bot 100 10

Rides a robotic horse into battle, flung over the buildings

Horse and rider are seperate bots

1250 oil Level 87
Falcon Bot 40 7 Flies over buildings and goes straight for the Scrap Centre 1300 Level 91
Tall-bot 140 3 Blocks all projectiles that hit his huge shield face 1000 oil Level 94
Snowball Flinger Bot 2 Flings snowballs at buildings to slow down their firing speed 1420 oil Level 96
Giant Bot 300 3 Smashes enemy defenses into each other 1500 oil Level 99

Base buildings

Name Damage Cost for the building Special Unlocked Max level Level upgrade Type Health
Scream Blower 9 100 steel N/A Start of game 10 Each level adds 13 damage Defence Weapon 170
Scrap Centre N/A Free If destroyed in a defence battle, the attacker wins Start of game 12 Each level adds 500 health and gives new buildings and bots Base economy 340
Light Sniper Tower 5 225 steel Instantly kills Spirit Bots Scrap Centre level 2 9 Increases range and damage with each level Defence Weapon 130
Tes Laser N/A 400 steel Zaps bots and stuns them for a while Scrap Centre level 5 5 Stun time increased by 2 each level Defence Weapon 100
Door Wall N/A 100 steel Blocks off enemies nearby Scrap Centre level 2 11 Health increased by twice the ammount Base Barricade 200
Oil Slick N/A 50 oil Instantly kills bots with less than 60 health Scrap Centre level 4 5 Larger range each level Trap N/A
Heal Mill 15 500 steel Heals anything nearby instead of damaging Scrap Centre level 7 13 Larger range and doubled healing Support Weapon 400
Dynamite 50 50 steel Explodes on any bot in range Scrap Centre level 2 4 Increases damage Trap N/A
Oil Pump N/A 100 steel Produces Oil for the player Start of game 10 Production rate increased Recources 200
Iron Mine N/A 100 oil Produces Steel for the player Start of game 10 Production rate increased Recources 200
Steel Capsule N/A 200 steel Increases Steel capacity Start of game 6 Increases capacity Recources 500
Oil Bottle N/A 200 oil Increases Oil capacity Start of game 6 Increaces capacity Recources 500
West Drill 4 1000 steel Shoots twice as fast as a Scream Blower Scrap Centre level 3 7 Increases firing speed, range and damage Defence Weapon 300
Diversion Cannon 12 800 steel All enemies hit are split up from each other Scrap Centre level 5 8 Increases damage and range Defence Weapon 100
Tele-pad N/A 100 steel Teleports bots to another Tele-pad Scrap Centre level 3 3 Increases size of the Tele-pad Trap N/A

Weasel Plot




400 steel Weasel Plots spawn a pack of weasels when touched Scrap Centre level 2 6 Weasels do more damage (+ 3X4 -2) Trap N/A

Robodex entries


Bot type Entry
Bot Bot entered a competition with lots of other Bots to change his name. Sadly, he didn't meet the goals, and still left as a normal robot peasant.
Plated Bot Plated Bot loves his new armor. He was given it when he for some reason survived a powerful strike. Bots are already pretty strong, but this is still stronger.
Iron Bot Iron Bot invented the famous 'armor-on-body' strategy. Now a days, other Bots think he has more surprises hidden. The truth: He doesn't.
Banner Bot Banner Bot hates his job. He does, but others seem to surround him when he heads on into action. "I didn't sign up for this!" He says. Well, he did as he IS a Bot.
Skater Bot Skater Bot has been doing very well in the Bot League of Speed. Even though he has an advantage, he does get a bit of help, as he's a bit of a wimp. Get used to it.
Swordsman Bot Swordsman Bot recently worked in a food restruant to earn some money for a promotion, but accidently sliced everybody into meat slices. Nice job, numb Bot.
Doctor Bot Doctor Bot, even though he is a doctor who believes that medicine is everything, he still lost his robot medical pass, which means he technically can't do it. But hey, he has his ways.
Archer Bot Archer Bot recently visited Avacado Mine. She enjoyed her experience, at the cost of a signifigant punishing, to make her into what she is now. Fake it till you make it.
Sorceror Bot Bots agree that Sorceror Bot's magic is very impressive indeed but... Why does he not choose? But nobody's going to say that to his face.


The animatronics you can collect in the table are 'Super Bots' who can be used 5 times each per day, then need to rest for the times they were used for. (Example: 3 days used, 3 days until ready again)


Name Health Image Oil cost Speed Special Defence Unlock
Balloon Boy 200
400, permanant 5 Disables all light-based towers nearby A standard defence, with lots and lots of traps Beat Box Meadow level 10 within 20 seconds and without using Iron Bots
Mangle 700
1000, permanant 7 Can climb over walls and make all defenses target Mangle Walls, walls, and turrets with a side of explosives Beat Box Meadow level 25
Chica 1250
1700, permanant 2 Can heal all allies and defences in a 15X15 radius Lots of Heal Mills surrounding the Scrap Centre with Tes Lasers Beat Future Mountain level 13 without Skater Bots and Archer Bots
Toy Bonnie 1500
2400, permanant 4 Can hit multiple enemies with his guitar All-out turret defence Beat Future Mountain level 28
Golden Freddy 2000
3000, permanant N/A Teleports to the enemy's defence instead of walking Tele-pads and booms with lots of Diversion Cannons Beat Avacado Mine level 6 without the use of any flying bots
Foxy 2360
Foxy in Bots VS Guards
3450, permanant 10 Screams at the enemy buildings to stun them for a period of time Fast turrets like West Drills. Beat Avacado Mine level 23
The Puppet 2900
3800, permanant 4 Drops explosive music boxes where ever he goes Invisible turrets and walls Beat Demon Chasm level 17 without using Spirit Bots
Toy Freddy 3200
4300, permamant 7 Slices walls in half with his top hat All-out turret defence with traps Beat Demon Chasm level 30
Bonnie 3500
4900, permamant 2 Can extend his ears for larger ranged attacks An advanced defence with Heal Mills and West Drills Beat Fail Cliff level 7
Toy Chica 4200
5400, permanant 5 Can duplicate herself with magical cupcakes A defence with loads of turrets, Heal Mills and traps Beat Fail Cliff level 15
Springtrap 4600
Spring Trap
6000, permanant 4 Roars at the defences, stunning all hit by the roar's sound wave An unpredictable defence with a mix of everything Complete all bonus levels
Freddy 5000
7000, permanant 3 Pulls out random attacks from his top hat to fight for him An all-out and unpredictable defence Beat Fail Cliff level 20


Name Health Owner Oil Cost Speed Special Defence Unlocked
Lindsay Kingsland 1750 ManinBlack007JK 1250, permanant 5 Rewires bots nearby to buff all stats of the rewired by 40% for 7 seconds A mixed defence with a lot of dead ends Beat Hallowcast Pillar level 12 without the use of Doctor Bots
Aurun 3000 Bolt-Weed 5000, permanant 2 When at 1499 health, releases a hoard of weasels to run at and destroy the turrets Weasel Plots and traps, and high level turrets Beat Hallowcast Pillar level 23 without the use of Door Hammer Bots
Holly the Fox 2000 Foxstar241 3000, permanant

5 (normal)

10 (angry)

When at 999 health, changes into rage form which changes her stats A split defence. One side is safe, the other side is not Unlock all Toy animatronics
King Freddy 8000 Gaomon332 10000, permanant 2 Changes speed stat every time he loses 1000 health A fully maxed out defence which has EVERYTHING in the game, at least once or more in it, except the Scrap Centre Complete the Bot Storyline
Fazzy Fredbear 3000 Gaomon332 3700, permanant 5 Uses his top hat as a pogostick to hop over defenses Turrets only, half way maxed in level each, all surrounding the Scrap Centre in a tight space Unlock all of the normal Animatronics
Boni 4900 Bolt-Weed 6000, permanant 4

Every 6 seconds, blows a gust of wind, blowing all projectiles in the air away

A defence focused on trapping and distorting the attacker's tricks and strategies Finish the first 10 bonus levels

Music soundtracks

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr.'s Mad - Mario Party 9 Music Extended-0

Boss theme

Plants Vs

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Music - Far Future Theme ☿ HD ☿-0

Normal Level theme

Five Nights at Freddy's Music - Freddy's Tune (Toreador March) Extended ☿ HD ☿

Five Nights at Freddy's Music - Freddy's Tune (Toreador March) Extended ☿ HD ☿

Game Over theme

Adventure's End - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Music Extended

Adventure's End - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Music Extended

Final Boss theme

Battle! Colress - Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Music Extended

Battle! Colress - Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Music Extended

Animatronic battle theme


Vs. Elite Four - Pokémon Black & White Music Extended

Bonus level theme