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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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Bracer: Im very sad (cries)

Snowstruck: Why? Bracer: Oh hey snowstruck (stops crying) Snowstruck: Why were you crying? Bracer: There is something you should know about Foxy Snowstruck: You mean my husband? Bracer: Yes. He is (whispers in ear) The Purple Guy (snowstruck's eyes flash red) Foxy: Snowstruck I need to tell you something (eyes turn white) (Snowstruck's eyes turn red) Snowsturck: I know what. (takes off mask) Purple guy: LINDA!!! Snowstruck: MY NAME IS SNOWSTRUCK.I cant beleive you lied to me (runs away crying) WE ARE DONE!!!(eyes turn back to blue) Bracer: LOOK WHAT YOU DID! Purple Guy: HAHAHAHA!!! (bracer extends his claws and claws purple guy's neck) Purple Guy: DUDE YOU ALREADY SCRATCHED ME ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Bracer: I don't (digs claws in neck) CARE!!! Purplez Guy: OW OW OW OW OW!!! Bracer: NO ONE TRICKS MY FRIEND. SHE LOVED YOU!!! Purple Guy: Gusse what (kicks bracer off) I dont care either! (Snowstruck sees bracer on floor in pain) Snowstruck: Bracer are you ok (looks at purple guy's eyes) Purple Guy: grrrr (snowstruck's eyes turn red) Snowstruck: YOU DONT DARE HARM MY FRIEND!!! (rips out purple guy's heart) Purple guy: I need that to live (dies) Bracer: ugh. (gets up) Snowstruck? (Snowstruck's eyes turn back to blue) Snowstruck: You alright Bracer? (Bracer reatatches arm) Bracer: I think im ok. Snowstruck: Lets look at the stars AND PRETEND THAT NEVER HAPPENED! (looks at purple guy dead on floor) Who died? (scene cuts to roof where bracer and snowstruck are eating nachos) Bracer: What a crazy day Snowstruck: I know! (bracer accedeitly holds snowstrucks hand) Bracer:Whoops (tries to get hand unstuck but snowstruck holds hand) Snowstruck: I know how you feel (both their eyes sparkle) Bracer: OWW HEADACHE!!! Snowstruck: You ok? Bracer: Yeah little bit. Snowstruck: I wil hep you. Lets go inside! (both of them walk back to pizzarea)

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