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Brian the Bat
Some attributes
First Bat/animatronic
Second Male suit
Third Founder of TAN
Other attributes
Fourth Pacifist hater
Fifth Unpopular

Brian the Bat is an animatronic bat at Freddy's.


Brian is a grey bat with green eyes, a white shirt with a mahogany tie, a chest pocket with some pens in it and bat wings on his back. He also has pink ear insides.

Character Bio

Brian was originally coded to be a pacifist animatronic, but the Purple Guy managed to mess up his programming to make him hate pacifist animatronics. Brian founded the Annihilation, a group dedicated to destroying all pacifist beings in Freddy's, as a result.

Social Life

Like almost every other animatronic, a kid named Allen was stuffed into his suit. Because he is the founder of the Annihilation, he is not popular.


Former: He was a peace-loving animatronic, and was smart.

Present: He hates pacifist brings with a burning passion, but is still smart. He is very malevolent and mean, also.

Special Relationships

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Holly the Fox: Because she is a huge threat to the Annihilation, he demands that she be captured at once.

Mina the Mink: She is somewhat a threat to the Annihilation, but not as much as Holly.


  • Brian was originally going to be mean from the start.