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Brittney is a 15 year old bat who is quite sassy. She only has 2 friends Snowstruck Destruction and Bracer. Her human name is Wittney


On Linda's birthday before Linda and Brace were killed Puprle guy took Wittney to the back of the building and murdered her. She was then stuffed in a Brittney suit. The animatronics loved her attitude. She only likes snowstruck because Brittney thinks Snowstruck has style.


Brittney is a black bat with red wings. She has red eyeshadow and pink hair. She has bloody eyes and sharp fangs


Brittney flies in the west hall and after she is seen flying in west hall you get 2 seconds to close the door. If you dont close the door in time she spreads out her wings and opens her teeth like she is about to suck your blood.


Brittney has her own location called Adventure Cave. She can be seen In front of the cave with her wing out.


  • Hi im brittney. You look Pretty! - Brittney introducing herself
  • What ever Vinnie - when she sees purple guy
  • We best friends Popsie! - Brittney saying hi to Snowstruck


Snowstruck Destruction- Brittney was new at the pizzeria. She met snowstruck and they became fast friends! Bracer- She didn't like bracer at first, But in 雪に打たのアニメの冒険(Snowstruck's Anime Adventure) After they got glass stuck in them Brittney realized Her and bracer should have been friends.


  • Brittney is the first animatronic to have a full set of hair.


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