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Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear is an animatronic bear who was created by a company, known as Buddy Bear Entertainment and Foods.


Buddy Bear, along with his friends Richard Rabbit, and Wally Wolf (pages not yet created), are in a band together in the diner, Buddy Bear's. The company that owns the rights to the characters was formed as an offshoot of Fredbear and Friends Ltd. The animatronics played for kids in peace, under a big sign that said "No entering the stage!", but one day, when the restaraunt was an hour from closing, three drunk men walked in, and one took a "selfie" on stage, with Wally Wolf, who proceeded to crush the drunken mans chest with his arm. The security had to cut off his arm to free the mans corpse.


Buddy Bear is a purple bear, who has a very dark blue hat and bowtie. He holds a microphone in one hand, and nothing in the other.

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