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(this is a parody of call of duty black ops)


its 2015 and everything has gone to hell first off anifrica has been attackin the asa so we had to fight back sending in our greatest Animatronics to deal with the Terrortronics we have been sucessfull in 4 missions and only those four we can be proud of


Characters include

  • Dominick the silent (Main protagonist in place of Alex Mason)
  • Dracus(Cameo)
  • Jake (in place of Frank Woods)
  • Golden Freddy(in place of Dragovich)
  • Freddy(in place of JFK)


Play in the eyes of Dominick The silent (or jake in the DLC campaign)as a new solider you must complete your mission and kill Golden Freddy


Multiplayer is still W.I.P


Zombies is still W.I.P

Known Characters

Lindsay Kingsland (in place of Richtofen)

The Chef (in place of Tank)

Meredith (in place of takeo)

Mad Jack (in place of Nikolai why cause I like jack)

Zombies (the zombies are endoskeletons)

Hell Hounds (modelled after Endoman )

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