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Cameron the Chameleon
Some attributes
First Chameleon/animatronic
Second Male suit
Third Works for TAN
Other attributes
Fourth Helper
Fifth Can shape-shift into another animatronic
Sixth Evil

Cameron the Chameleon is an animatronic at Freddy's.


Cameron is a light green chameleon with golden yellow eyes, a jade green tail and eyelids, andglasses with a mahogany frame. He also has a white lab coat with a chest pocket and one pocket on the front side of the coat each. He wears a brown shirt under the lab coat and light blue pants.

Character Bio

Cameron was born when Fazbear Entertainment made a regular chameleon suit. However, magic from Celia's book made him able to shape-shift! However, it had one fault. It did not give him the ability to completely and flawlessly recreate an animatronics' appearance. This puts him at risk of discovery.

Social Life

Cameron is secretly working with the Annihilation but he pretends to not know a thing relating to them. Thus, he is treated like a regular animatronic.


Like I said, he is secretly working with the TAN, but pretends to not know anything relating to them. He can shape-shift to trick animatronics and is very malevolent.

Special Relationships

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Holly the Fox: He hates her as much as Icy does, which is a lot.

Celia the Cat: He doesn't know it, but the magic from her book gave him the ability to shape-shift.


  • He cannot recreate hair (for example, Holly's haircut)
    • Thus, he sometimes messes up his disguises.
  • He carries around a target list, which is a list if his targets' names so he can break up relationships involved with the targets.